Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushpa Finds Akhilesh’s Lab Report
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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pushpa says how I couldn’t understand you. You referred to as me Badi Amma your self the first time we spoke. Mishri nods. Pushpa cries out of joy as Mishri keeps calling her Badi Amma. It method Mogambo is my Bapu. Who turned into the fellow who my mom delivered me as my Bapu? Pushpa appears at Vansh. It manner your mother advised you to name a person else Bapu. Mishri nods. Pushpa is in disbelief. This DNA test proves you to be my Gullu’s daughter. Vansh asks Mishri if she felt connected with the man she met. Mishri denies. Vansh says it proves your relation with Mamu. Your face fits with Mamu’s. They both are also into wrestling. Mishri even defeated him in paratha eating competition. Pushpa is hesitant to accept as true with all of it after Ira’s dishonest. Why are you trying out me God? She says my coronary heart tells me that Mishri

is my Gullu’s son. I consider this take a look at document too but i am scared approximately Bablu’s arrival. i’m a piece doubtful to be honest. Mishri indicates an concept to clean out the doubt. My Mapu informed me who my Bapu resembles. She suggests Bajrang Bali’s photo. Pushpa smiles in alleviation. My Gullu is his biggest devotee. He is robust like him and is continually eager to help all people. Vansh points out that there is some thing at the back of the body. Pushpa unearths a letter there and reads it. it’s far lab report from Navjeevan lab. it’s miles the lab record of Banaras which mentions that Akhilesh has given his semen to them. It approach that Mishri is certainly my granddaughter? Don’t understand who the girl is who has given delivery to Gullu’s kid. Vansh asks Pushpa approximately the file who tells him that that is a evidence that Mishri is her son’s daughter. She thank you Bajrang Bali for uniting her together with her granddaughter. Mishri hugs her fortunately. Mogabmbo uncle is my Bapu? I finally determined my Bapu!
Akhilesh has parked his vehicle on the road and is searching out papers while he reveals a kerchief there. it is embroidered with the letter M. He misses Monu. I keep myself occupied in work however I turn out to be missing Monu by some means or different. He switches on the radio wherein the RJ suggests talking to him to ease their ache. Akhilesh thinks to call him. A stranger might ease my pain. He calls the RJ. I feel i’m very unfortunate in love. Whoever i like cheat me. I adpoted a kid some days ago. I got attached to him however then i discovered out that his mom sent him here due to greed. I threw the child out of the house however I can not take him out of my heart. I sense restless. I cannot prevent considering him. RJ tells him that he might have been cheated however he dint do the proper element via sending the kid again to that woman. she will be able to use him to her benefit once more. you can have punished the woman and gotten the kid at the right music. Akhilesh realises his folly and ends the call. I made this kind of massive mistake! Monu is a child. he’s going to handiest do whatever his mom will inform him to. i am hoping he dint do some thing wrong under his mother’s strain. He notices a child begging on the pavement and runs to him wondering him to be Monu however it turns out to be a person else. Akhilesh asks the child what he’s doing. His father tells Akhilesh that he has to do some thing to earn money. Akhilesh gives him his card. Meet me in office. Don’t push him in all this. the fellow thanks Akhilesh. the one who cares so much approximately absolutely everyone else’s child ought to love his youngsters very tons. Akhilesh recalls his past. I don’t have a kid and i can never have a child! Pushpa calls Akhilesh and asks him to come domestic asap.

Bhavik tells Ira to suppose again however she insists there may be nothing left to think. i can meet Moti Ba before we depart. Bhavik asks approximately Mishri but she isn’t within the room. Ira panics. Bhavik is going to test in garden and tells her to satisfy Moti Ba. Ira nods.

Devina and Kunika go back domestic. Devina is worried as they couldn’t locate the child everywhere. Kunika tells her to loosen up. The DNA record wont even suit. Devina continues to be panicked as to what they will tell Pushpa. Kunika shows any other silly plan which Devina declines outright. She holds her by way of her neck. Her son interferes so his pocket money isn’t interrupted. Devina makes a decision to strangle him first. He reminds them to focus on Bablu. Pushpa joins them. What’s occurring? Devina says we had been seeking out Bablu however I assume he lied so he ran away. We couldn’t find him anywhere. I don’t think the DNA file can in any case in shape. Pushpa laughs. The check report shows fantastic. it’s far Gullu’s son. Devina, her son and Kunika are shocked. They ask in unison if it’s far Bablu. Pushpa tells them to wait. i will introduce you right away. She calls out to Mishri calling her apple of her eye. Vansh steps ahead which puzzles them. Vansh tells them to be equipped and is derived back with a purple carpet. He rolls it on the stairs for his sister and showers petals on it. Please welcome Mamu’s daughter and my sister. Mishri steps ahead. every person is greatly surprised to see Mishri. Vansh showers extra petals on his sister Mishri Akhilesh Pandey. Devina and Kunika refuse to accept it. Devina’s son asks Pushpa how it could be. Her test dint manifest. Pushpa shares that her hair pattern went mistakenly for the take a look at. Kunika passes out thinking this village female will become her daughter. Vansh pours a glass full of water on her to wake her up. Kunika asks Pushpa how Mishri’s hair pattern went for the document. Pushpa tells them. Ira is on the door and stands stunned in her tune. Devina and Kunika congratulate Pushpa. Pushpa is happy that her son’s daughter is in the end here. My prayers had been heard. Mishri hugs her Badi Amma. Ira thinks all her efforts failed. How do I take Mishri away from here now?

Precap: Akhilesh has surpassed out. Ira assessments him and thinks he is probably on this situation because of the laddoo. let’s take him to hospital. Kunika shouts at her telling her to thoughts her commercial enterprise. Ira tells her not to dare to speak to her like that. I wont depart Akhilesh on this situation. absolutely everyone is surprised to hear her talking in English. Ira eliminates her moustache and cap thereby revealing her real identity.


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