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Vansh asks Akhilesh to return upstairs with him. Kabir uncle wants to throw away Mami’s stuff. Akhilesh gets miffed. How dare he contact her assets? Ira is coming downstairs at the same time as Akhilesh is headed upstairs. Mishri and Vansh do thumbs up at every other. Ira stumbles on the rope and falls immediately in Akhilesh’s fingers. Her hairline gets stuffed with the aid of the vermilion in his teeka. The children are grinning ear to ear. past reminiscences flash in Ira and Akhilesh’s thoughts even as all the elders look on in confusion. An ecstatic Mishri tells Vansh that her plan labored. it’s far certainly my Mapu! I even got hint from God. Bapu’s teeka has stuffed her hairline! Pushpa also smiles. Ira touches her brow and looks at the vermilion. She glares at Mishri. is this why you tied this thread here? She additionally scolds Akhilesh. You have been coming upstairs intentionally so that you should witness all this. Akhilesh denies. I don’t have any such interest. i was told that Ira’s property were getting thrown out of the room so i was going upstairs. Kabir asks them what’s going on here. He questions Akhilesh as to whilst he said that. Akhilesh seems on the youngsters silently. Kabir tells Akhilesh that he’s letting him stay right here as he gave his phrase to him. Don’t try to touch my wife ever again! Kabir holds Ira’s hand. Akhilesh steps apart to let them move. Mishri bows down her head. Akhilesh takes her downstairs.

Akhilesh reprimands both Vansh and Mishri that this woman isn’t Mishri’s Mapu. I wont spare you in case you do such form of a infantile act once more! apprehend one component truely. This woman has nothing to do with our own family! He walks away in a huff. Pushpa takes the children along with her. Tanya remains harassed over some thing happened. Adi asks her to come back.

Vansh says our excellent plan flopped. Mishri counters him. It become successful. Bapu’s teeka filled Mapu’s hairline. Vansh says she turned into so angry. She would have wiped the vermilion via now. Mishri is sure Ira wouldn’t have executed it if she is indeed her Mapu. We have to carefully keep a take a look at on her forehead.

Ira is looking at the reflect. Kabir asks her what the children did because of which she has this vermilion in her hairline now. Ira praises her smart infant. Kabir reminds in their task. You wont be capable of do any of that in case you will become emotional like this. She is set to wipe it easy but Kabir stops her. You positioned it after so long. She reasons that she need to wipe it to repair everything. all people will doubt my identity if I leave it on. She is teary eyed.

Vansh and Mishri are eagerly looking ahead to Ira at the steps. Mishri is positive Ira would be in a fix. She cannot clean the vermilion and cannot even step out of the room like this. She has consequently locked herself in her room. i’m certain she wont be able to cast off it ever. I ought to cross in the room to find out the fact. Vansh nods. Ira comes out and goes downstairs immediately. She is carrying a headscarf round her brow overlaying her vermilion. The kids observe her downstairs. Mishri tells Vansh that Mapu wore that headscarf to cover the vermilion. We have to make her dispose of it so as to discover the fact. Ira asks them what they’re discussing. Mishri asks her why she is carrying a scarf when the sunshine isn’t even coming internal. Ira calls it style. You wont understand. Mishri claps for her. You made an excuse much like my Mapu. Ira says I dint make an excuse. permit me devour in peace now. The kids take a seat right down to eat as nicely. They pick out up paratha’s. Ira asks them why they eat such oily breakfast. Mishri feedback that she is taking care of her much like her Mapu. can i devour cornflakes too? It isn’t oily. Ira tells her to devour something she wants to except her head. Mishri drops her bowl. Ira asks her if she can not even eat properly. Mishri apologizes and offers to smooth it. She brings vacuum purifier, is going beneath the table and catches preserve of 1 end of Ira’s headband. It comes off in a 2d. The youngsters study Ira in surprise. Tanya and Devina are watching it from a ways as nicely. Tanya asks Devina if she noticed it herself. She has wiped clean the vermilion.

Ira scolds Mishri for not being capable of use the vacuum cleanser. Mishri says it took place by means of mistake. Vansh tells Mishri that it isn’t her Mapu. She has wiped clean the vermilion. Ira speaks about the price of scarf (just to scare Tanya and Devina). It expenses a lac and was especially designed. Mishri asks her if she dint pay too much fee for it. Vansh apologizes to her for ruining her headband. Ira warns them to keep a distance of 2 meter from her from nowadays onwards. Mishri is confused listening to it. Ira motives that that is how it takes place in US. Tanya asks Devina if there may be a rule of two meter distance in US too. Tanya shakes her head which offers Devina a hazard to taunt her. Ira warns the kids of outcomes if they are attempting to come back near her. Have paratha’s handiest! Tanya and Devina get up startled via the noise. Ira asks them in the event that they made the children do all of that. they decline.

Vansh says we failed the vermilion check. Mami wouldn’t have finished that ever! Mishri seconds him. Is she virtually now not my Mapu? was I incorrect? Is she just my Mapu’s lookalike and no longer absolutely her?

Devina and Tanya discuss the equal thing. Tanya says it’s far glaring now that it isn’t Ira. Devina rues that if it became true then she may want to have despatched her to jail immediately. Please kill me Lord if she is Ira. Pushpa startles her via coming unannounced from behind and hugs Devina from in the back of. Tanya has to name Mishri to keep Devina. Mishri cutely tells Pushpa now not to hassle Langdu Chachu (Devina) as she is antique. Devina speaks in her usual tone and voice. Mishri and Pushpa are reminded slightly of Devina. Mishri makes to take Pushpa along with her. Pushpa asks her why she is unhappy. Mishri attempts to preclude it but then tells Pushpa that it isn’t her Mapu who’s staying at domestic. She even removed the vermilion. Pushpa says I informed you earlier than however you dint pay attention me. permit’s go and play.

Tanya is doing her make-up. Mishri overhears her talking about concealer. Mishri thinks that Ira’s forehead looked a touch unusual. perhaps she too used it to conceal the vermilion mark.

Precap: A guy tells Ira it’s miles her photograph but Ira calls it behenji. Akhilesh says it’s far my spouse. Akhilesh and Ira strike a deal. Ira concurs to depart the residence if Akhilesh can convey even 1% of the fee of this residence.


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