Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira Saves Akhilesh’s Life

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ira tells Bhavik that now each person is aware of that Mishri is Akhilesh’s daughter. he is certain Moti ba ought to be happy. Ira says it does no longer count number as Akhilesh will provide Mishri to Baba as quickly as he finds out the reality. I won’t let it manifest. I will take Mishri with me proper away. Bhavik tells her to reflect consideration on MIshri. She has in the end observed out who her father is. She might be heartbroken if you may take her away just like that. Ira replies that you may stay with broken coronary heart however no longer with Baba.

Pushpa is fortuitously making laddoos for bhog. Mishri offers to do it as Bhole Baba has listened to her prayers as properly. Pushpa remarks that she is just like her father. She is going to get prepared. Mishri is curious as to why her Mapu lied to her about her Bapu. She never lies to me. Why did she say this kind of large lie to me? Vansh tells her to ask her mom while she is here. He sits down to assist her. Kunika, Devina and her son watch them unhappily. in advance it becomes Monu and now it’s far Mishri. Akhilesh will best attention on her now. He won’t even look at me. I won’t get whatever from his property either and so won’t you guys. This silly girl will take the whole lot. Devina speaks of her ace card. Pushpa had a heart attack five years ago. It became very crucial. A Baba stored her lifestyles and in exchange of that, Baba asked for Akhilesh’s child. Akhilesh promised however that is the right time to fulfil that promise. you will watch how Akhilesh will hand over his child to Baba on his very own now. Her son factors out that Akhilesh is longing for a kid. He won’t relent this time. Devina plans to get worse Pushpa’s situation. She shouldn’t be able to get over it. it’ll, in turn, make Akhilesh’s life miserable and he’ll experience he did the incorrect aspect with the aid of breaking his promise to Baba.

Ira comes inside. She appears around however Pushpa is nowhere in sight. Even Vansh goes to wash his fingers. Ira is ready to take Mishri but Devina, her son and Kunika stroll as much as Mishri. Devina tastes a laddoo. She tells Mishri they’re candy like her however Pushpa should not devour them. she will be able to fall sick in any other case. carry some besan. we are able to lessen the wonder. Mishri runs to convey besan. Devina shifts a few laddoos in a plate and pours something on them. Mishri returns with Besan. Devina factors on the plate in which she has taken out a few laddoos for Pushpa. Mishri adds more besan over them. She is going to scrub her hands afterwards. Devina is certain now Akhilesh will provide his handiest daughter to Baba in the end.

Mishri thank you, Lord for uniting her with her Bapu on Maha Shivratri. i will never forget these days. Ira asks her to come however Mishri refuses. I know that Mogambo uncle is my Bapu. I won’t leave him ever. Why did you hide it from me? Why did you introduce me to a faux Papu? Ira requests her now not to be stubborn but in vain. Mishri runs outside listening to Akhilesh’s voice. She even calls Akhilesh Mapu. Akhilesh is stunned to look at her. He recollects Ira warning him not to touch Mishri. Mishri hugs Akhilesh. He holds her at a distance and asks her what she is doing right here. Is your mom right here too? Mishri tells him now not to be worried. Badi Ma referred to as you right here to proportion some correct information. Akhilesh wonders what it may be. Mishri tells him to await Badi Amma to inform him. She is going to deliver something for him. Akhilesh questions Ira / Bahadur but she feigns innocence. Mishri returns with a few laddoos. I can’t inform it to you but i can feed you chocolates. She feeds one to Akhilesh. He again asks her what it’s far that she cannot inform him. Ira thinks to take Mishri from there before Akhilesh can discover that Mishri is his daughter. Ira covers Mishri’s mouth and takes her with her. Akhilesh starts coughing and shouts for his mother. Ira hears his voice and gets alarmed. Mishri and Ira prevent of their tracks. Akhilesh starts coughing badly. Pushpa comes downstairs and is panicked. She calls out for help. Ira is in a restore. I can’t leave Akhilesh like this and cannot even permit Mishri’s reality pop out. should I defend my child or Akhilesh?

Akhilesh tells his mom he’s feeling suffocated. Kunika, Devina and her son come there and realize that Akhilesh might have eaten that poisonous laddoo. Akhilesh coughs blood. Kunika calls ambulance. Vansh additionally comes there. Mishri refuses to go away her Papu on this situation and runs again internal. She holds Akhilesh’s hand. i am with you. not anything will appear to you. Ira cannot maintain herself back any more. Devina and Kunika tell Ira / Bahadur to go away. Ira factors out that it is probably because of that laddoo. Kunika shouts at her to be shut up. Mummyji and Mishri made that laddoo with a lot of love. Will that hurt Akhilesh? you are performing as in case you are some large document! Bhavik asks them what passed off to Akhilesh. Ira tells them to take Akhilesh to document asap but Kunika and Devina inform her to shut up. Ira tells her not to dare to talk to her like that. I won’t leave Akhilesh in this situation. anybody is amazed to pay attention to her speak in English and in female tone. Ira removes her moustache and cap thereby revealing her real identity. Kunika murmurs that Ira was lifeless. Devina says you have been fooling us since all nowadays. How dare you? Ira concurs to answer their every question but permit me to deal with Akhilesh first. Pushpa warns her now not to touch her son. you’re risky for him. Ira tells her she cannot take delivery of her phrases right now. Your hatred will have to wait. right now I most effective care about saving Akhilesh and i’m able to do it. Ira asks Bhavik to help her take Akhilesh to his room. Mishri appears on in confusion.

Ira and Bhavik assist Akhilesh to lie on his bed. Ira tells Akhilesh to open his eyes. you need to vomit something you ate. Mishri is also there. She asks her mother if he might be best. Ira sends Bhavik to bring drugs. Mishri and Ira keep reassuring Akhilesh. Mishri carries Ira’s bag. Ira tells her mother she could be very scared. I just got my Bapu. I don’t want to lose him once more. Ira tells her he could be quality. carry water. Mishri is going.

Devina thinks to dispose of the toxic laddoos but Kunika holds her hand. Devina does now not see who it’s far and confesses that it was Kunika’s idea. you could throw her out. just send me to Banaras. Don’t punish me anymore. Kunika confronts her but Devina manages her. Pushpa is in the temple. Devina throws the laddoos inside the dustbin.

Mishri returns with a jug of water. Ira feeds water to Akhilesh. Mishri holds his hand. i am with you. you will be exceptional. Ira tells Akhilesh he’ll sense higher in a while. you have vomited. Mishri says I realize you’ll help him get better. You are not Hanikarak. Why did Badi Amma call you that?

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi episode update: Devina tells Pushpa on what circumstance Baba had saved her existence. Ingo back, he had asked for Akhilesh’s youngster. Pushpa’s eyes widen in surprise/confusion. Mishri overhears it. She tells Vansh she ought to go to that Baba to keep her Bapu.


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