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Mishri dances with Pushpa and calls Vansh as properly. He asks them why they’re dancing however Pushpa is clueless. i’m dancing due to the fact MIshri Didi is dancing. tell us the cause. Mishri shares that she is now certain that it’s miles her Mapu best. Vansh speaks of Ira’s phrases. She isn’t carrying vermilion. Mishri speaks of concealer. She hid it. Her vermilion seemed a little specific than the relaxation of her face. Vansh recalls and nods in agreement. you are right. Mishri says I now recognise that she is my Mapu but why is she doing this. She requests Bajrang Bali to help her.

Ira thanks Kabir for his concept. Concealer concealed my vermilion. He tells her not to thank her. i’m performing some precise deeds by using assisting your family. Ira thank you him once more. Very rare humans can go out of their way to assist someone. let me recognize in case you want any assist ever in existence. He says you have got stated it so in many instances. I don’t need anything. She swears upon Mishri that she can provide him something he will ask for in go back of his help. He nods. you may begin today’s drama. we’ve got a milestone to acquire nowadays. She says i can try and make Akhilesh the manner he become. He used to attend to this family and would get something he set his mind to. Kabir tells her no longer to decrease his image in that process. He feels i have come here to grab everything from him. Ira says I know the reality. If fact had a face, it would be you. recollect this and my promise constantly. i am with you in case you want some thing in existence. She leaves.

Kabir smirks at himself inside the reflect. He repeats Ira’s words. She is so naive and harmless. Shall I call her innocent or dumb? Do you think I need to perform a little properly deeds by using assisting you? My real motive is something else altogether! you’re jumping on the axe whenever you tell me that you may do anything for me. You even swore upon Mishri nowadays. Now you will must provide me whatever i can ask for. His cellphone jewelry. He tells the caller that the entirety may be quality like before while he’ll ask for his favour.

Ira pushes stuff away and asks the servant to throw it away. He tells Ira it’s miles her image however Ira calls it behenji. She is not any more. you could throw it away! Akhilesh snatches the image out of his hand. it’s miles my spouse’s photograph and it’ll stay here simplest! Ira says this became what became missing. what’s it? Akhilesh points out that his spouse has offered all these items. She corrects him. She is no greater. maybe you are forgetting that that is my residence now. i can determine what’s useful and what’s useless right here! Your daughter has ruined my scarf really worth a lac. that is her punishment. Her mom’s photograph could be thrown out of the residence! He firmly says that not anything will move an inch until the time they’re here. Ira repeats her order to the servant / defend but Akhilesh threatens him. The protect runs out. She tells Akhilesh that this is her house. You can not make your guidelines. I could be the only doing that. Why did you become on this circumstance while you love your own home so much? He tells her to thoughts her words. I may also lose my cool. She says this is truth. you are only a blo*dy loser with not anything! What are you so proud of? You don’t do some thing. Your mom has became loopy (she turns her lower back to him whilst pronouncing this). Don’t realize if your daughter even is going to high school or not. Who cares? This circle of relatives need to had been in a circus! She turns closer to him. You need to feel awful. You harm Amaya’s ego in spite of everything. just wait and watch what I do now. I haven’t seen a bigger loser than you who grew to become his father’s nicely installation enterprise penny-much less. It is right that your behen ji kind wife died. Heaven is better than dwelling a lifestyles like this! He warns her to stop. not every other phrase, Mrs. Amaya Pandey. She tells him that this is just the start.

A guy (jeweller) greets Ira. How am i able to assist? She indicates him Ira’s bangle. I need to sell it. Akhilesh factors out that that is Ira’s bangle. She points out that his children have misplaced one bangle and he or she had to forcibly put on this one. i can promote it to make up for my loss. what is it’s cost? The jeweller asks for it but Akhilesh refuses to let it occur. Ira shows him to shop for it from her if it’s far bothering him a lot. it’s far your wife’s bangle in any case. He asks her to call its rate. Mishri is watching everything from the stairs. Ira mocks Akhilesh. You don’t have a penny but quite a few self assurance. He asks her to call the rate once more. She gives him a deal. you have got an problem with the reality that Kabir and i bought this house. we will depart the residence if you could bring even 1% of the price of this house. I recognise it’s miles impossible as it involves 10 lacs. You don’t have the guts to earn that much. He replies that she can get her money with the aid of tomorrow. not anything can be even shifted an inch till then. She has the same opinion. She tells the jeweller to return the following day. i am certain Akhilesh wont be capable of set up the cash. The jeweller nods and leaves. Ira tells Akhilesh he and his entire circle of relatives will leave the residence if he fails. Akhilesh says you wouldn’t need to even say it. we are able to do it willingly. She nods. She mentally apologizes to Akhilesh. I recognize you are a fighter and you adore demanding situations. this is my purpose. I need you to win this assignment for yourself.

Mishri realises that Akhilesh might go to combat all over again. I must stop him one way or the other. I can not allow him chance his existence for cash. She calls out to Akhilesh. Please don’t move. we are able to find a solution. He asks her to allow pass of his hand. She denies however he tells her that nobody can forestall him nowadays. Ira wonders why Mishri is stopping Akhilesh. Akhilesh leaves. Ira asks Mishri why she changed into stopping Akhilesh. He goes to earn cash. Mishri shares that Akhilesh has gone to Akhada to combat. He gets paid to lose in the fight. He will be harm badly within the procedure. I don’t need it to take place so i used to be looking to prevent him. She runs after Akhilesh. Ira sits down in surprise. What did I do? I dint think about what quantity Akhilesh can go to. he’s going to harm himself and chance his life. I need to stop him. She receives questioning.

Akhilesh involves Pintu’s workplace. i’m ready for the fight. I need to be paid for losing. He notices Pintu packing his stuff. What’s taking place? Am I overdue? Pintu shares that it has stopped. A mad lady called police and informed them that that is unlawful. everything is finished! Akhilesh asks for her name. He shares Amaya’s name.

Precap: Mishri tells Ira that her vermilion will be hidden via concealer. it is your birthday day after today. I understand it which you are my Mapu. I might not have proof but I challenge you that you will give it to everybody yourself the following day! Ira gulps.


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