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The pheras are finished. Akhilesh and Kunika take a seat. Akhilesh makes Kunika wear mangalsutra. Bhavik, Mishri and Vansh are miserable. Akhilesh fills vermilion in Kunika’s hairline. Mishri demands God to accomplish something. Nobody can interfere with my Mapu and Bapu. Savant ji reports them as a couple. Kunika swings to Pushpa. I at last turned into your DIL. They look for endowments of Pushpa when Ira discloses to her why she is squandering her approval. The children grin in alleviation. They raced to Ira.

Ira reveals to Pushpa that Kunika isn’t her DIL. Akhilesh approaches her. For what reason would you say you are here? Leave or I will call police. She instructs him to proceed. I will likewise disclose to them that you are as of now hitched. This is illicit. Everybody is shocked. Akhilesh inquires as to whether she overlooked marking legal documents herself. Pushpa and

Devina second him. Ira acts neglectful. It will be correct in the event that you folks are saying as much. Demonstrate to me the papers.

Akhilesh can’t discover the papers in his room. He returns with practically nothing and tells his mom the papers aren’t there. Devina and Pushpa ask him where they should be. Ira demonstrates to them the papers. They have not been submitted in the court yet which implies we are not separated legitimately. I am your legitimate spouse even today! Kunika exhaust. Ira includes that what he did with Kunika seconds ago is unlawful. Akhilesh solicits her how she got hold from the papers. Bhavik grins. Flashback demonstrates Bhavik taking the legal documents from Akhilesh’s room and offering them to Ira. Devina advises Ira to quit grinning. There is nothing amusing going on here. I am certain one of the relatives has helped you take this. Ira advises her to abandon that. What is important is that I have the papers! I am as yet Akhilesh’s legally married spouse! Kunika advises Akhilesh to present these papers in court immediately. Ira inquires as to whether he needs these papers. She holds them out towards Akhilesh yet drops them in havan kund stunning Akhilesh’s family. Devina endeavors to take them out yet it is past the point of no return. Mishri remains beside her mom. Devina advises Pushpa to accomplish something. She supposes she can’t give her fantasies of crores a chance to consume with smoldering heat. Ira says tragically they are singed. Akhilesh says I realize you did it purposefully. She acknowledges it. Pushpa says individuals are scorched more observing their friends and family cheerful instead of getting singed in light of flame. I realize you can’t see Akhilesh upbeat. He was going to begin another life yet you couldn’t give him a chance to be cheerful. Ira discloses to her she is mixed up. I have no goal of being a thistle in his way. I have come here just for my little girl. Akhilesh may compose another person’s name on his heart however Mishri’s mom will likewise be Ira Pandey. Mishri ends up total with the parts of every one of us. I wont give anybody a chance to grab the half piece of me from Mishri! Kunika advises her to quiets down. I am Akhilesh’s better half and Mishri’s mom after today! You arrived behind schedule. This marriage has happened as of now. Ira snickers. Give me a chance to remind you once more. Whatever happened a few seconds ago was illicit!

Akhilesh asks Ira what she needs consequently of this dramatization. She requests her girl. I am not keen on a solitary penny of yours and never had any! I will remain with Mishri if Mishri can’t remain with me. I have concluded that I will remain in this very house from today onwards! Everybody is shocked aside from the children. Pushpa inquires as to whether she has lost her brain. The entryways of this house will stay shut for you until the end of time! Devina seconds her. You are befuddling us Ira. On one hand you state that you are not intrigued by any extravagance while then again you need to remain in this house! Ira denies. I don’t need any extravagance. My little girl is my genuine fortune. I have just chosen to remain here however I wont even drink water from this house. I need to simply shield my little girl from the evil aims of a couple of wickedness individuals. I have chosen to remain here for a similar reason. I will document a case for Mishri’s guardianship in the event that you have any protest to it. I will likewise record a case for him wedding again when he was at that point hitched. You folks wont probably do anything! Pushpa discloses to her they aren’t apprehensive about her. Do anything you desire. Devina chooses to employ the best legal counselor and shows Ira her place. Ira reveals to her they will see that in court. Devina contends yet Akhilesh tells everybody that Ira will remain here as it were. Pushpa and Devina advise her not to fall in Ira’s words once more. We wont most likely modify with Ira for anything. Akhilesh discloses to them they wont need to change. He moves his family on the opposite side of the kund and makes a line between them utilizing vermilion. Ira will remain here just however she wont remain with us. That piece of the house will have a place with Ira and we will remain on this side. No part will endeavor to cross this line to meet Ira and the other way around. Mishri will be directly before your eyes however you wont result in these present circumstances side ever to meet her. Our bliss and Kunika and my affection will be directly before your eyes for the duration of the time. I trust you will most likely bear it. Welcome to your new home. he heads upstairs. Every other person abandons one by one too with the exception of the children and Bhavik. The children embrace Ira. Mishri advises Ira not to acknowledge Bapu’s words. He says anything at whatever point he is furious. You folks will fix up soon. I am happy that you will remain with us from now onwards. Bhavik proposes bolstering her desserts to respect her. Ira advises the children to spruce up and change.

Kunika returns to insult/challenge Ira. Comprehend one thing obviously. Nobody can isolate my better half from me. Ira says I was cheerful that Akhilesh has at last proceeded onward his life and is going to settle down. The facts demonstrate that regardless I cherish him and will be harmed seeing you both together. I was a little alleviated reasoning somebody is there to deal with him however subsequent to seeing your real nature, I can’t give his and Mishri’s life a chance to be destroyed. I will draw out your fact before everybody one day without a doubt! Give me a chance to remind you once more. Whatever happened seconds ago is illicit. This is nothing. Akhilesh was, is and will dependably remain my significant other!

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Akhilesh discloses to Kunika they aren’t hitched. We just took 6 pheras. Akhilesh opens the entryway and a person (Kunal) comes to meet Ira. Ira comes there wearing a lovely saree. Kunal compliments her and they embrace.


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