Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mishri is pacing worriedly in the residing room. Vansh requests her to devour something. Mamu will take time. Mishri says Bapu is risking his lifestyles for cash. He have to be so hurt! Akhilesh shouts Amaya’s name as he enters. Vansh is confused to look him irritated. Mishri says i am happy he isn’t hurt.

Ira comes downstairs. Why are you shouting? wherein is my money? He says you blocked all my methods to win money. You droop so low! She motives that she will maintain challenges within the deal. I don’t need illegal money. Akhilesh says it is going to be fun to make you lose now. You need me to toil tough to earn cash which i have by no means been terrified of! Now i can earn it the proper manner and i’m able to throw it all to your face! Akhilesh leaves. Vansh panics while Mishri is all smiles. She recalls Ira’s warning to them. I understand what has took place. She takes out a measuring scale and measures her distance with Ira. i am keeping the space however this distance can’t prevent you from looking after me and Bapu. Ira asks her what she method. Mishri stocks that her concealer has hidden her vermilion. Ira calls it nonsense however Mishri calls it common experience. You closed the Akhada after I instructed you ways he would earn the money. It wasn’t because you dint need him to convey money. It changed into because you cannot see him in ache. Ira attempts to speak however Mishri stops her. This drama wont paintings anymore. it’s far your birthday tomorrow. I know it which you are my Mapu. I might not have proof but I venture you that you may deliver your evidence to each person yourself day after today! Ira gulps. Mishri goes upstairs with Vansh. Ira says why my youngster is so clever. i can need to be greater careful the following day. i am your mom in stubbornness too if you are stubborn!

Ira is in her room. it is so atypical. i am in my home and it’s far my birthday tomorrow. Moti Ba could have blessed me immensely if everything had been satisfactory. wish I may want to take are trying to find her benefits this time too. Adi and Tanya will ship me to jail for terrorism if they find out the fact. She thinks of an concept. i’m able to do it earlier than absolutely everyone else wakes up. She units an early alarm and lies down to sleep.

Ira wakes up at 4:55 am. She realises that she wakened even earlier than the alarm rang. all and sundry should be snoozing. this is my danger. She goes to Pushpa’s room. Moti Ba is drowsing so peacefully. Ira walks inside. Ira actions the cover apart and touches Pushpa’s toes. beyond reminiscences flash before her eyes. it’s miles my birthday nowadays, Moti Ba. I want your blessings very a lot. I ought to fulfil the promise that I had made to you. I promised you I wont allow this circle of relatives smash ever. I had by no means thought that one day will come whilst i will ought to pass away from my circle of relatives and also you all will be in this circumstance. Don’t lose heart. i’m able to set the whole lot right along with your advantages. Akhilesh will stand back on his toes. i will rid Mishri of all of the abuses she is going thru! that is my promise to you. I best want your advantages Moti Ba.

Akhilesh opens the door and is shocked to peer her there. What are you doing in my Amma’s room? Ira wonders what she can say to him. Akhilesh repeats his question two times for her. She pretends to be under the influence of alcohol. What’s this girl doing in my room? this is the query. The nation needs to know what this woman is going in my room! i was partying all night time. I got here to my room to sleep peacefully and he or she is sound asleep in my room. everyone is so weird here. anybody sleeps in every body’s room. She speaks loudly and he tells her to be quiet. you are so drunk that you don’t even recognize which room it is. it’s far my mother’s room. She replies that someone has taken over each room here. it is so perplexing. i’m going. She drops a decor item. Pushpa wakes up. Akhilesh places her again to sleep. He next reprimands Ira for drinking an excessive amount of. You can not even stand instantly proper now. She tells him she is in no temper for a lecture. He says I don’t need you to disturb every person else. i can take you in your room. he is taking her to her room. I mistook you for Ira once. Even her shadow isn’t like you! She asks him if his wife by no means had alcohol. How boring! He asks her if individuals who don’t drink alcohol are boring. Don’t name her that. She was very happy and used to keep absolutely everyone satisfied as nicely. I nonetheless don’t forget the day we had long past to Malaysia and he or she become inebriated. Flashback of the identical incident is shown. His eyes well up. Ira asks him why he stopped. depart me. He shares that Ira promised no longer to have alcohol ever once more. i will never forget about that day. I nonetheless do not forget her satisfied face, her beautiful eyes, scattered hair and her til on the lower back. She seemed so lovely! She stumbles in her step and he holds her close. They percentage a watch lock. Khushrang Bahara performs. Ira frees herself and walks away. Her get dressed gets stuck in his bracelet. She panics that he might see her til. he will discover my fact then. She tells him to stay far from him. This dress is so costly. You and your daughter only realize how to smash things. He says I said sorry. It become via mistake. My largest mistake is that I helped you. He is going. Ira feels awful. i’m so sorry Akhilesh but I can’t inform you my truth. I cannot even let you know how a great deal i have ignored you inside the beyond three months. i’m so close to you yet i’m thus far faraway from you. it is my birthday today. All eyes could be fixed on me. I can not let all and sundry doubt my identification. i am so sorry Akhilesh. She cries.

there is a puja at home in Ira’s reminiscence. Akhilesh tells Pundit ji to make sure nothing is amiss within the puja. Tanya assures him about it. i’ve asked for Ira Bhabhi’s preferred Seera. Ira Bhabhi appreciated it, right? Akhilesh nods. Tanya asks Akhilesh to give her a few money. I thought to present donation in orphanage in her room. She is worked up wondering she will be able to do monsoon shopping in the end. Ira snatches the bundle of cash from her fingers. Akhilesh spoke to me about money. What’s this? I asked for 1% which equals to 10 lacs. This isn’t even 1% of that 1%. He tells her that she will get the money after the puja. She replies that no puja may be held in her domestic.

Precap: Ira tells Akhilesh to leave the residence by means of the next day if he can not get the cash via these days. Akhilesh fixes all of the chairs in an orphanage. Mira will pay him cash however he tells her at hand it over to the orphanage in Ira’s call and walks away. Mira calls him a gem of someone.


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