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Pushpa tells Akhilesh he dint do the proper issue via letting Ira live here. Akhilesh says I had no different choice. She would have snatched Mishri from me in any other case. Devina tells him to not allow Ira use him like this. we will locate a few other solution. Kunika comes there. Pushpa asks her if she is of the same opinion with Akhilesh’s decision. Kunika appears at Akhilesh. I don’t care if Ira remains here. I only know that Akhilesh is my husband. Our relation wont alternate because of all of us’s presence in the house. Pushpa smiles in comfort. I don’t need whatever else. i’m able to live in peace now. can also God bless you each. She scoffs Devina on getting a tremendous DIL and takes her out of doors.

Akhilesh turns to Kunika. She assures him she isn’t threatened by means of Ira at all. you’re with me. Why must I worry while my husband is with me? Akhilesh tells Kunika they aren’t married. We best took 6 pheras. best Pundit ji and that i know this reality. She asks him about it. He shares that Pundit ji said that this mahurat isn’t proper for marriage. we have a few differences which had been there while Ira and i got married too. I dint need Ira to contest the custody war in court docket so I married you in a hurry. i will whole this marriage asap. She calms herself right down to keep pretending earlier than Akhilesh. She tells him it’s far okay. we will be married sooner or later quickly. I definitely compliment what you are doing for Mishri and i will guide you on this. It is right that Ira is here. Now Mishri will discover how poisonous her mom is. Akhilesh tells her to ensure no person reveals out this reality. She nods. Akhilesh leaves. Kunika sits down miffed. i used to be so thrilled that we subsequently got married. I wont surrender although as Akhilesh and i will get a risk to come back nearer due to this lie. Akhilesh will become weak someday. If some thing happens between us then he will be forced to marry me!

Mishri stops herself from crossing the line regrettably. She is going to Bhavik. Bapu has advised me now not to speak to Mapu. Ask her why she got here so late. Bapu and Khalnayika aunty are married now. Ira tells Bhavik to inform her that she is in the end right here. that is enough. Mishri insists that she dint want it to appear in any respect. Ira advises her via Bhavik to head and do her homework. You don’t ought to interfere among the elders continually. Now that i am lower back, Akhilesh and i can sincerely revive our love. Mishri is going upstairs fortuitously with Vansh. Bhavik asks Ira if she is certain she will be able to win Akhilesh’s love again. Ira says I believe myself and the love that Akhilesh and that i shared. He can also try to conceal his emotions but i understand how much he loves me deep down. i’m able to re-ignite it. Bhavik reasons that Akhilesh just got married to Kunika today. it’s far their suhagraat. she will be able to try to come close to Akhilesh. Ira is certain it wont appear. She tells him a plan (in mute).

Bhavik asks the children if they recognize the plan. They nod and knock on the door. Kunika opens the door. The youngsters tell her that they’ve come to decorate the room. She knows they’re fooling her. I know you’re on Ira’s aspect. They insist that they’re happy seeing Akhilesh glad. Kunika doubts them. She checks the thaal packed with flower petals but finds nothing in it. Bhavik alerts Mishri from the door. Mishri takes out a bag stored within the drawer. Vansh stands in the front of Mishri as she runs out with the bag however Kunika snatches it out of Bhavik’s arms. She opens it only to find old stuff stored within the bag. Why were you stealing this? Mishri replies that Ira has requested for it. Kunika threatens Bhavik to tell her the entirety. He rues that this sort of amazing plan failed. He sends the children downstairs. He next tells Kunika that this is Ira and Akhilesh’s romantic secret. each time Akhilesh become romantic, he used to tell Ira to put on the Kushti garments and smear this oil over her. Kunika seems at him perplexed. He whispers something in her ear. this is what Bhaiya thinks. He alerts on the youngsters who do thumbs up at him from in the back of a vase. Kunika is in disbelief. this is why you have been taking this bag downstairs. Bhavik nods. Ira dint need you to use this oil and do Kushti with Bhaiya. Kunika tells him to Ira that her plan is foiled. Now this new bride will do simply that! Bhavik leaves. Kunika does a touch happy dance and takes the bag inside together with her.

Kunika can not bear the stench of the oil but nonetheless applies it to win over Akhilesh. She hides at the back of the curtains in wearing the Kushti uniform. Akhilesh comes in the room. He spreads a bed on the ground. i will sleep at the ground and you can sleep at the bed. Kunika gets out and holds him from in the back of. Akhilesh throws her at the bed thinking it’s miles a few thief. He laughs seeing her attire. What are you wearing? She can not give an explanation for something. I concept you’ll relax. that is what Bhavik informed me! She realises that she got fooled once more. Akhilesh says Ira were given the children on her side too. I knew that this toxic woman will smash the night time. I knew she can do some thing however i’m able to pay lower back. Kunika blames Ira. She got me overwhelmed from my fake husband on my fake suhagraat! Akhilesh asks her if he can help her however she denies. you’ve got already done sufficient. Kunika has positioned a band around her neck. Akhilesh paces and peeks out of the room. Kunika suggests him to sleep as it’s miles too overdue but he nevertheless is going to test on Ira.

Akhilesh is going downstairs stealthily. She has switched off the lighting. She should be up to something. He hides behind the sofa. Ira comes out carrying a beautiful ground duration get dressed. She has seen him. near your mouth or mosquito will pass interior. He tells her he got here to kill the mouse. Are you taking place some birthday party? Why are you wearing those varieties of clothes? She asks him if it concerns her. Why are you peeking at my side of the house? Akhilesh asks Ira why she were given poor Kunika hit by way of her own husband on suhagraat. Ira laughs. ultimately you probably did some thing proper. He asks her if he does the whole lot incorrect. I only did one incorrect element which turned into to marry you. She asks him if he’s doing the proper thing by way of spending time along with her on his suhagraat. seems like you are still connected to me. He denies. I got here right here to discover the mouse. Doorbell rings. Akhilesh opens the door and a guy (Kunal) asks for Ira. Ira greets Kunal. Kunal compliments her on her dress and that they hug. Akhilesh turns crimson with jealousy.

Precap Upcoming Meri Hanikarak Biwi Episode Update: Ira and Kunal are dancing carefully in her side of the residence. Akhilesh stops them. Ira asks him who is he to make decision on her non-public existence / desire. He stops himself from calling him her husband. He pushes Kunal out of the house. Ira smiles. I knew you continue to love me. You just proved me proper today.


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