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Akhilesh is asking every body for O- blood organization. Pushpa cries in a corner. Devina tells her they’ll make a few calls and are available asap. Devina and Kunika leave. Kunika tells Devina she cannot understand something. Devina says the DNA document cannot be incorrect which means that Mishri is Akhilesh’s daughter. Ira is claiming to be Mishri’s mom but she is Monu’s mom. They see Mishri’s photograph as Mishri and Monu and deduce that Ira is the girl who went to Banaras, used Akhilesh’s semen and became the mother of his baby. It proves that Mishri is indeed Akhilesh’s daughter. Kunika cries. I must % my bags and leave as Akhilesh has observed his daughter! They had been asking me to convey blood for Mishri. Devina says a plan due to which Akhilesh and Ira will lose Mishri and Akhilesh will come to be

with you. Kunika calls it a disgusting concept so Devina suggests a plan wherein Kunika and Akhilesh unite. Kunika happily concurs with Plan B.
Akhilesh is stopping every random man or woman to invite about his blood institution. Bhavik too is unable to find O- blood group anywhere. Pushpa cries thinking there was no association to this point. Akhilesh and Ira join them again. Nurse asks them if they could set up blood. Mishri can go in coma every time. Akhilesh denies. Ira tries going inside however nurse does now not allow her. Akhilesh comes to a decision to visit OT to look for blood however Ira stops him. best you can keep Mishri right now. he’s confused. She tells him that he and Mishri percentage the same blood. Akhilesh asks her what she method. Ira shares that Mishri is his daughter. Akhilesh looks at her in surprise. She is my daughter? Ira nods. Pushpa tells Akhilesh this is what she wanted to inform him. this is why I referred to as you domestic. it’s far true that Mishri is your daughter but I don’t understand how she may be Ira’s daughter. Akhilesh stands there in disbelief. Nurse asks them again to deliver blood while Bhavik tells her to take Akhilesh with her. He has the identical blood organization. Ira and Bhavin request Akhilesh to head interior. Akhilesh’s eyes properly up as he heads inner.

Pushpa takes Ira with her. Why are you lying to my son? Why have been you seeking to make him believe that Mishri is your daughter? She become born the use of my son’s semen. How ought to you be her mother? Ira replies that she became the primary one that knew about his semen. I were given pregnant the usage of that semen handiest. Mishri is Akhilesh and my daughter. Pushpa refuses to accept as true with it but Ira has the same opinion to tell her everything nowadays. I attempted to get Akhilesh’s reversal accomplished but doctors informed me outright that it may never occur. i was heartbroken understanding how eagerly you wanted a grandkid. I just couldn’t let you know this. Pundit ji had additionally said that Akhilesh may be blessed with a child. i used to be in a repair. Papa ji advised me about Akhilesh’s semen sample. I went to Banaras for synthetic insemination. You had been sick. I did not want to tell you about as your situation had turned worse via then. Akhilesh comes out and is seeking out his mother. He stops outside the room to listen to Ira and Pushpa’s communication.

Ira keeps her story. throughout that point, Divya Ma’am told you that I went to Banaras to promote your property. artificial insemination become a success. i used to be pregnant. How may want to I let you know about it? probabilities of having pregnant the usage of the samples had been nearly 0. I couldn’t come up with wish in that state of affairs so I saw everything quietly. You and Akhilesh were making preps for his reversal. I couldn’t inform you each ever that it is able to in no way manifest! i was most effective worried about your fitness at that time. trust me. I lied so much just due to the fact your heart was weak. It aggravated to the point that I needed to do a fake surgical operation of Akhilesh. I couldn’t inform him as i was waiting to determine out if i’m pregnant or not. i would have informed you each the entirety but you guys determined out about it beforehand. You had a coronary heart assault then. I curse that day until these days! i can not be capable of forgive myself ever for that! Akhilesh turned into going to take you to Trinetri Baba to get you handled. I attempted preventing him but in useless. I exceeded out while looking to forestall him. i discovered out that i am pregnant when I wakened. I desired to tell you this information but when I reached that cave, i discovered out that Akhilesh had promised Baba that he’s going to provide his youngster to Baba the moment the kid is born. He made that promise in trade of your restoration. I decided to depart the metropolis without informing all people. I wont inform all of us about the baby! i was afraid that the infant can be exceeded over to Baba via all of us who finds out about it. i used to be leaving the metropolis whilst my bus met with an twist of fate. You men got the information of my demise. thanks to Ambe Ma, i was saved. I gave beginning to Mishri after some months. Akhilesh has overheard the whole lot.

Ira says I by no means advised Mishri some thing about her Bapu. I raised her alone. i used to be involved what if Akhilesh finds out about her and! destiny united Akhilesh and Mishri after years. She stored meeting Akhilesh and began finding her Bapu in him. I had taken promise from her that she can by no means are available in front of Akhilesh. She concealed in your house as Monu. Pushpa and Akhilesh are greatly surprised to recognise that it turned into Mishri in Monu’s hide. Ira nods. Mishri ought to go to any quantity to be with Akhilesh. i was involved she may spill her truth anytime earlier than Akhilesh so I stayed in your own home as Bahadur.

doc assessments on Mishri after which heads outdoor.

Akhilesh says Mishri is my daughter. She hid this reality from me these kinds of years! She kept my daughter far from me these types of years! He begins hitting his hand angrily at the wall. Pushpa, Ira and Bhavik forestall him. Bhavik tells Akhilesh that Ira did all that to store Mishri. Pushpa offers her swear to Akhilesh. Don’t you dare harm yourself once more. Nurse informs them that Mishri is out of chance now. it’s miles all because of Akhilesh. We got blood on the proper time and will keep her. She is subconscious proper now however you may meet her soon. Pushpa is beaten listening to it. Bhavik prays that this family have to be united again. whole truth is out in front of every person now.

Ira and Akhilesh peek at Mishri from the small clear window on every door of the ICU.

Precap: Akhilesh asks Ira to sign on a clean paper. Ira asks him what is going to be written on it. Akhilesh narrates it. I, Ira Desai, am turning in my daughter Mishri’s custody to Akhilesh. she will live together with her father after now and i don’t have any right on her! Ira’s eyes widen in surprise.


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