Actor Mohit Malhotra is very conscientious in the case of children and this is why he is spending his mother’s son’s education.

Mohit Malhotra raises his maid's son's education expenses
Actor Mohit Malhotra (Photo Credit-Instagram)

Mohit says in a statement, “I am very fond of children, I have expressed my feelings about children before, when I am surrounded by children, I get peace.”

One day when I was at home, I looked at the woman who helped me in the work of her home, in trouble. On that day she was constantly forgetting to do things, while she does not do it every day. “

Mohit further says, “When I asked him, he told me that he is facing financial difficulties whose impact is on his son’s education.”

Mohit said, “The new batch class is getting started and he is unable to pay the fees of his child’s school. From these things I realized that a mother is so desperate about her child’s education and that’s why I decided Taken that I will take the expenses of his son’s education.”


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