Money being demanded from Migrants on the name of Sonu Sood

In lockdown, there is no shortage of people who have lost the hard work of Sonu Sood, who has become the messiah for the migrants. In the name of Sonu Sood, money is being taken from migrants and they are getting cheated in return. Sonu Sood has warned migrants in a message on Twitter not to give any kind of transaction or money to anyone. The help being given by them is free and there is no need to pay in it. In fact, Sonu had received a complaint that some people are demanding money from laborers in his name.

To help send the migrants home, Sonu Sood is getting everywhere, while some people are not missing out on this opportunity. Sonu warns to avoid such people. Sonu has written on his Twitter that, friends, whatever service we are doing for the workers is absolutely free. If any person asks you for money after taking my name, then refuse and immediately report to us or to the nearest police officer.

Sonu Sood is engaged day and night to help the migrants in the lockdown. The special thing is that his style of helping and practical way of writing is touching everyone’s heart. Recently, in the help of one of the migrants, he gave a heartening answer that the village will all go. And on foot .. never.

While the order of those who give thanks in return for Sonu Sood’s help is not ending, people are seen asking for help in a funny way too. However, Sonu also replies to these tweets in a very funny manner. Recently, a cute little girl asked Sonu to help her mother send her mother to her grandmother’s house as taught by her father. The expression of this cute girl and the funny way of asking for help also touched Sonu’s heart and he gave a very funny reply on her video and wrote, ‘This is very challenging. I will try my best.

Sonu Sood has released helpline 18001213711 and WhatsApp number to help migrants. Migrants can directly ask for help through this number and avoid fraud. At the same time, Sonu Sood has met Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and has informed the Governor about sending migrants home and feeding them.

Sonu Sood has become the Messiah for the people at this time. He is working to take the migrant laborers trapped in cities away from their homes. He is sending the migrants to the house free of cost through buses and airplanes. The number of people seeking help from him on Twitter has also increased considerably. Meanwhile, actress Swara Bhaskar has also joined the campaign. She is also working to send people trapped outside their homes to her hometown.

A social media user named Qasim told Swara Bhaskar that more than 100 students of Assam in Gujarat have been stranded for about 2 months. Please arrange for them to go home. On this, Swara asked him for his details. Not only this, apart from this, Swara is also arranging to send many people from Delhi to their villages and homes.

Actually, Sonu Sood has also issued a helpline number to send migrant laborers home. But recently he also apologized to the people by tweeting that he is not able to help everyone. In such a situation, Swara is helping those whom Sonu Sood’s team is not able to reply to. Like Sagar Kumar tagged Sonu Sood and tweeted that he should reply Sonu. I am stuck in Delhi for 56 days. Have to go to your house Swara replying on this and took her details from Sagar.

Despite all this, there are many migrant laborers who are migrating to their homes on foot. It is quite touching view that he is continuously traveling for a long time. In such a situation, many people are making arrangements to eat and drink for these laborers in the middle way. Shef Vikas Khanna is also helping such people. Meanwhile, he stressed the need for chappals in the relief material being distributed by the NDRF team. Swara immediately came forward to help on this too. Apart from this, she is also working to provide footwear to the migrant laborers at her level.

The speed and intent Sonu Sood is working on in this lockdown is commendable. After taking thousands of laborers home by buses, Sonu Sood has now sent 800 laborers to Uttar Pradesh by train. The train ran from Mumbai to Thane on Sunday night. In which the migrant laborers of Prayagraj, Azamgarh, Jaunpur and Hajipur of Uttar Pradesh went to their homes. Sonu Sood himself also reached the station to see the laborers. Sonu Sood’s friend Niti Goyal is also supporting him in this campaign. Talking to ABP, he said that “The railways themselves incurred the cost of laborers on board the train from Thane. But these are the same laborers who were preparing to send us by buses.”

Sonu has reached home to thousands of laborers so far, while his campaign is still going on. The actor has arranged buses for the migrant laborers stranded in Mumbai. And so far thousands of people have been sent to the cities of Karnataka, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh.

No doubt, the amount of praise that Sonu Sood is making in this lockdown is less. People have become so confident in the actor that thousands of people are asking him for help every day on social media and on the phone. As much as possible on social media, Sonu is listening to the needy and giving help.

On Friday, Sonu Sood transported 177 girls from Orissa trapped in Ernakulam, Kerala, to Bhubaneswar in a special flight. For this, an aircraft was specially brought from Bangalore to Kochi. These girls used to do sewing and embroidery work in the local factory.

The name of this mission of Sonu Sood is “Send home”, under which he is sending people home one by one day and night. In an interview, Sonu told that sometimes he is engaged in this work till 4 in the morning, sometimes till 6 in the morning. While thousands of people are thanking him for this honest move, some people have also given him the title “Messiah of Migrant Laborers”. Sonu Sood’s friend Neeti Goyal also supported her in this work.

Sonu is arranging buses at his expense and transporting people to his home. They are helping people by contacting social media and helplines. According to reports, Sonu has to spend up to 2 lakh on every bus.After Sonu Sood, actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Swara Bhaskar, Manish Paul, Prakash Raj have also come forward to help migrant laborers.


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