Director Jenkins reproduces the 89th Academy Awards happening
Director Jenkins reproduces the 89th Academy Awards happening

Director Barry Jenkins, who received the work award at “The Moonlight ” at the 89th Academy Awards, will be visiting Japan for the first time, and the new work ” Lovers of Beer Street ” held in Tokyo on February 13 (released February 22) A public memorial talk show entered. I talked about my heart for the 91st Academy Award to be held on the 25th of this month in Japan time.

The film is a love story depicting the test of a young man and his lover arrested for innocent crime on the harem in the 1970’s New York. Following the previous album, he won 206 nominations with numerous film awards and recorded 71 awards (as of February 4), and in the 91st Academy Awards he was nominated for “Leg Color Award”, “Supporting Actress Award” and “Composition Award” There.

Barry, who was asked about his feelings ahead of the awards ceremony, said, “I’m excited, but there were so many in the last time, so I wonder if it will be the award ceremony with PTSD.” This is an unprecedented happening at the 89th Academy Awards, a mispresentation of the work prize as ” La La la “, and Jenkins reproduced that time. He laughed a performance to interpret the notepad as a card with the awarded work written and rephrasing the work name, invited the audience to laugh.

On this day, vocal · comai of “Wednesday’s Campanella” who is a big fan of Director Jenkins also got on the stage and gave bouquets and Valentine’s chocolates. In addition, while developing talks related to the work, Jenkins confessed “There is a place influenced by Ozu Yasujiro director of” Tokyo story “(1953)”. Although it was also in “Moonlight”, the same work seems that there are many scenes in which the characters in the play match their eyes to the audience more than that, “It is a method that I learned by seeing the” Tokyo story ” Description.

Also, Director Jenkins has the idea of “exchanging emotions and experiences beyond race and sex by eye contact”, “Since there are not so many black people in Japan, there is not much opportunity to see their eyes directly Perhaps in this movie, please make eye contact with African-Americans and taste our experiences.”


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