More than half of the terrorist facilities in Almaty received orders for violations

“In total, the inspection covered 363 facilities of the OTO, including 33 particularly important state, 10 strategic, two hazardous industrial and 318 public gathering facilities. According to the results of the inspections, 246 prescriptions for eliminating violations were made to the managers and officials of the facilities, ”Colonel Yerkin Inkarov, the head of the counter-terrorism department of the Almaty sub-office, said on Tuesday.

He clarified that 28 administrative materials were formed under Article 149 (non-fulfilment or inadequate fulfilment of obligations to ensure anti-terrorism protection and observance of an adequate level of security of the object of the UTO) KoAP RK and were sent to the specialized inter-district administrative court of Almaty.

“Of these, by the court’s decision, the managers of 24 objects were brought to administrative responsibility. In addition, under Article 462 of the KRKobAP (failure to fulfil or improper fulfilment of legal requirements or prescriptions, representations, resolutions issued by state control and supervision bodies (officials), officials of state bodies within their competence), the management of one object is brought to administrative responsibility. To date, fines amounting to more than T8 million have been imposed, ”Inkarov added.

The police noted that, at the same time, in the course of inspections, members of the working groups on the ground carried out explanatory work among the heads and personnel of the facilities of the UTO on the issues of anti-terrorism protection of objects and their observance of duties in this area, as well as handouts for the population developed by the internal affairs bodies.

Checks have been conducted since the beginning of 2019.

“In the current year, inspections of the facilities of the OTO are continuing, a permanent working group has been created,” added to the PD.


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