Somehow fond memories “Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Moon Survey” Moon Visual – (C) Fujiko Pro · Shogakkan · TV Asahi · Shin Ai · ADK 2019

“Moonvisual” which drew out the impressive scene of the latest film “The Movie Doraemon Nobita ‘s Moon Survey of November’ s Public Lunar Survey ” (released March 1) with a warm touch was released.

In the 39th film “Doraemon movie” , the stage of this work, which he directed Naoki Akira writer Tsujimura Senchigi as script, is the moon. Nobita who have magical powers, children who live behind the moon and become friends with Espal, go on a journey to prepare for death in order to protect them from mysterious invaders.

“Moon visual” is the theme “To all children who became adults” born inspired by Tsujimura’s script. It is an illustration that spells out messages for adults for fellow travelers and is an illustration that spells a message for adults, combined with the flavor of acrylic paint and the background of effectively using the moon, to a nostalgic and charming finish Has become.

Screenplay Tsujimura wrote about this work “In the midst of this movie, Nobita, there are scenes that are tested and prepared for their preparation and courage to go on adventurous journeys.” “Everyone in adults, once in a childhood there should be a day when parents silently decided something. Although it is really uneasy, I do not want to worry, so even if asked” Okay? “” Yeah The day when I decided to protect the secret with my friends and that day For someone, for myself, secretly strong, remembering that night that made a decision to become an adult, I am very happy if you support everyone in the movie to everyone.Please be sure to pay attention to the existence of the moon to look like watching such Nobita.

As a national longevity animation, in recent years “Family Doraemon” that you can also see families to see in the 3 generations of grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Shinjuku Station (Metro Promenade) · Roppongi Hills (Metro Hat etc) · Nikko Tamagawa Station (Tokyu Den-en Town Line, Oimachi Line Campus) Limited time period from 25th to 4th April ).

In the same work, Mr. Hirose Alice of the mystery beautiful girls living on the back of the moon, Yoshida Shotaro of the role of aggressor and Diabolo standing in front of Nobita, Yuya Yanagi of his subordinate Godart etc. as guest voice actors Participate. Also, Junko Minagawa, a voice actor known for role-playing Ryoma Echizen of the popular anime “The Prince of Tennis”, is responsible for the voice of a mysterious transfer student / Luca. Director is Yaoh Shinnosuke of ” Movie Doraemon New · Nobita’s Birth ” (2016).


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