Akane Sakanoue sing and dance
Sing and dance! Gokudoluzu! – (C) 2019 Movie “Gokudolls” Production Committee

The movie ” BACK STREET GIRLS – Gokudo – ” has been released from 8th . Live scenes where Okamoto Natsumi , Matsuda Ruka and Sakanoue Akane sing and dance are one of the highlights.

The movie is a stubborn story that men who have pierced the path of lights will perform their whole body shaping and make an idol debut. Director Hiroshi Hara attracted the megaphone and made it into a live-action film, such as ” Justice Magazine” (Kodansha) serialized by Jasmine Guus.

TOEICO, which is in charge of distribution, has a strong “pinky violence”, and even a powerful action is deployed in the trailer, but the idol scene by the railroads who transformed into cute idols is also full-fledged. In the play “idol festival” where idols called “TOKYO IDOL SUMMIT” gathers has appeared and is drawn as an important event. Gokudolu sang in front of fans and danced and Rena Asakawa who graduated from the idol group “SUPER ☆ GiRLS” in January also participates in senior idols. By the way, for the shooting of this event scene, “extraordinary idol fans” gathered as an extra, such as attaching a call to the songs of Gokudolu, is playing a part in exciting the scene.

(C) 2019 Movie "Gokudolls" Production Committee
(C) 2019 Movie “Gokudolls” Production Committee

Shuzu Hiroshi , Masaki Reiya , Masato Hanazawa plays the polarity before transforming into a beautiful girl, Hitoshi Ozawa , Ren Osugi , Shoichi Iwashiro have also appeared. Gokudoluzu is announced to release a debut album “IDOL Kills” on the 13th. (Editorial department · Mr. Haima Mune)


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