Movie Pretty Cure Dance Lesson Movie released
From “Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Universe” – (C) 2019 Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Universe Production Committee

From ” Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Universe ” (released on 16th March), the image where Cure Star of “Star ☆ Twink PreCure” danced the ending dance was released.

This work set in the first universe in Pretty Cure history. “Star ☆ Twinkle Precure” that is on air also appeared, along with “HUG Glitter ahead ☆ Pretty Cure Aramode”, we will unleash great adventure in the sparkling star world seeking the secret of Miracle Light. The video released this time is a movie Ending Dance Lesson Movie, which contains a lecture on choreography of splendid dance and cheering dance part.

Dance music is the ending theme song of the movie Rie Kitagawa sings “WIN Kuru! Precure Miracle Universe ☆”. With a pop tune like the stars shining brightly, it’s finished in songs that are perfect for shaking Miracle Light and cheering.


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