Hirasaka Hill
Hirasaka Hill

Third generation J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE of hiroomi tosaka is 13 days, the movie ” Snow Hana answer the questions that attended the big hit thanks event of”, “If you get the chocolate from the third generation of members?” In honor of Valentine’s venue It boiled.

Born in inspiration from one of the representative songs of Mika Nakashima Mika “Snow no Hana”, this work is set in Tokyo and Finland, and the love of a life-long little snow ( Nakajo Ayami ) and Youth / Yusuke (climbing up) Draw a love romance. On this day, climbing hill, Nakajo and Mr. Hashimoto Mirojiro entered the stage, Valentine’s day after the Valentine’s Day, gifted a white tulip gift, learning from the custom of Finland as a Valentine gift to the audience. One curtain that the fans who received the tulip from the climbing tears cry.

Regarding this work which was released on the 1st and continued hitting, she said “When I actually saw this work, I knew the feeling of the air because I shot the two scenes together, but only that It is not a picture of the love of the family (Miyuki) but also I could see myself in the same line of view as you, “smiles.

In addition, I touched upon the fact that the hill climb is based on the masterpiece “Snow Flower” as “It’s a song that came out more than 15 years ago. It has been loved by many people, and this time, singing and filming face to face I am honored to be able to do it, as long as I can become a long loved work. ”

Furthermore, a talk named after Valentine ‘s refraining on the next day also develops. “If you get chocolate from a member of the third generation, who is good?” The unexpected uphill slope smiled unexpectedly. “I do not need it at all, I do not need it, I want to give it, I do not want to give it,” I took a bit of mouth and invited me to laugh at the venue.

The movie “Snow no Hana” is open to the public


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