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Mr. Natsuki’s “Dr. Kureha” suits you so much! Voice acclaimed on the Internet

An actress Mary Natsuki is an event of a job search engine “Indeed” held in Tokyo, calling for an echo on the character “Dr. Kureha” of “ONE PIECE One Piece”.

This event was held as an interlocking project of popular CM series which “Indeed” and popular anime “ONE PIECE One Piece” collaborated. At the venue, the miracle “Hiruluku no Sakura” mirrored by Dr. Hirruk, the parent of “Straw Hat Crew” Chopper was reproduced in digital art.

Natsuki is a goose-out style, and it came as Dr. Kureha that came as a teacher’s master. On that net, on the net, “Dr. Natsuki Mari’s husband is too hooked too much” “Besides this person, Dr. Kureha is unthinkable”, “Voice coming out of comics” It is going up one after another.

In collaboration CM of “Indeed” and “ONE PIECE” Saito Ken is Luffy, Izumi Rika is Nami, Chidori Daigo is Usopp, Ikoppu Chidori, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi Zoro, Yosuke Kubozuka to Sanji and a visual that faithfully reproduces the work It became a big topic.


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