MTV Ace of Space 2 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Ace of Space 2 season started with a blast and inside about 14 days there were a few wanders aimlessly. Hopeful Deepak Thakur who needed to leave the show because of damage is back in the show. In any case, his reemergence has made debate inside the house.

The previous Bigg Boss contender will enter the show as a “flag-bearer” and will impart some counsel to the competitors. Evidently, he gets into an enormous contention with Basser Ali and Krrisann Barretto. A furious Basser at that point announces “Iss ghar mein yaa toh mein rahunga ya Deepak (Either I will remain in the house or Deepak).”

With astonishments unfurling each day on Ace of Space 2, Bigg Boss 12 notoriety Deepak Thakur’s reemergence makes certain to make a significant mix inside the house. Stunned, astounded, cheerful, jealous, the candidates will be seen in blended feelings as he is good to go to show up in the house.

Deepak, who will enter as a delegate, will share his guidance for the hopefuls, labeling them with some hard-hitting marks to the houseguests-Farzi houseguests, houseguests jo “zabardasti ka roti todh rahe hai”.

With one of the most well known houseguests making a crushing rebound, by what means can there be no contentions? Basser Ali and Krrisann Barretto will be his obvious objectives, prompting a gigantic contention between the three. Basser will be heard saying, “Iss ghar mein yaa toh mein rahunga ya Deepak.” Mastermind Vikas Gupta will likewise enable Deepak to select 3 competitors for the week.

During the underlying long stretches of Ace of Space 2, Deepak Thakur needed to go out mid-route because of extreme damage during an errand. Post his medical procedure, Deepak is back in the AOS 2 house.

It will enthusiasm to perceive in what capacity will the hostility shape between the houseguests and Deepak?


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