MTV Ace Of Space Season 2 6th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Lucinda and Baseer came close

Vikas Gupta’s reality show Ace Of Space 2 has started recently and the contestants who took part in the show started making headlines as soon as it started. While everyone on this show is competing to get ahead of each other, Baseer Ali and Lucinda Nicholas keep coming close to each other. We have got some romantic pictures of Baseer and Lucinda in this show, which has created a stir on social media.

Friendship turns into love

Lucinda and Baseer immediately became friends on the show and it did not take long to convert this friendship into love.

Baseer and Lucinda are slowly coming closer

Baseer and Lucinda are very happy to be with each other. Looking at the bonding of both of them, you will miss last season’s couple Divya Aggarwal and Varun Sood.

Lucinda is seen in Baseer’s words

Lucinda is seen mostly with Baseer in this show and she often seems to be someone in Baseer’s talk.

Basinda fell in love with Lucinda

Baseer, who has appeared in shows like Roadies and Splistvilla, is madly in love with Lucinda. It seems that he keeps chanting the garland in the name of Lucinda day and night.

Bonding of Lucinda and Baseer caught everyone’s attention

The bonding of Baseer and Lucinda has caught everyone’s attention, but it remains to be seen how their relationship progresses?

Oops …. what does Baseer do in front of the camera?

Baseer expressed his love for Lucinda without thinking about the cameras.

This couple became angry in Ace Of Space 2

Baseer and Lucinda became Koji in bedroom. By the way, how do you like the chemistry of Lucinda and Baseer? Will definitely tell in the commentbox.

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