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Yes! It’s Saturday!! 😄🙌💯
Some of us will be running to the club tonight 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Then we’ll yell across the bar to the bartender for our drinks 😲😺✋
Some will do shots and/or chug their drinks (you shouldn’t – and NEVER drink and drive)🍺🥛🥃❌
There’s that one friend who never likes their drink 😖
Then we do some disco dancing… and we throw our hands in the air when the DJ plays our favourite song. 🙂🕺🙌

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Aane waala episode apne saath bohot saare dhamaake lekar aayega! 💣💥 Arguments, a vote out, a tough task, and the true spirit of a Roadie – we have it all! Are you ready for it? 😎 Watch @letsdroom #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight at 7 PM only

Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight Rashmeet bani sabki target! #WTFJustHappened? 🤷🏻‍♂ Find out on today’s #RoadiesInsider with @varunsood12! What do you think she did to deserve this? 🤔 Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Pressure mein aaye hue Arun ko cool karne aayi Aarushi! 🤕 Do you think Arun is fit to perform this task?

Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight at 7 PM

Whoa! Tonight’s episode looks dangerous! 😮 Watch what happens next on #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight at 7 PM only

What do u think I’m saying to the #gangleaders ?

Rachel ne aaj bata hi di hai apne dil ki baat! 💁🏻 Catch our #RoadiesInsider find out from Rachel, #WTFJustHappened! Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Whoa! Hell broke loose between Sahiba and Rashmeet! 😮🙈 Stay tuned to find out what happened on #RoadiesRealHeroes every Sunday at 7 PM

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Bharg aur Adil rowing ke naam pe gol gol ghumne lag gaye. 😆🤷🏻‍♀ Do you think this duo could have done a better job? For more drama, watch @letsdroom #RoadiesRealHeroes


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