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Somebody opened fire at night near the home of Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut. Kangana was scared all night after hearing the firing. However, the Manali police, who reached the spot, have not found any clue to shoot and fire. But the police showed vigil and investigated the surrounding area. Kangana came to Manali to celebrate her birthday on 17 March. Kangana has not returned to Mumbai after the lockdown due to Kovid-19. Kangana Ranaut’s team, who are constantly in the spotlight due to their statements after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, is fully alert.

If Manali police believe, no evidence has been found by the police in the investigation. Kangana’s sister Rangoli told that both of her sisters were together in the house. They have heard the sound of firing at night. Rangoli told that his son Prithvi and Kangana were all together.

Kangana told the police that she was in her bedroom and heard the sound of firecrackers around 11 pm. At first it felt like someone had cracked. But when she came for the second time, she became alert. It was the sound of firing. So immediately the security and the police were called. Kangana said that if someone wants to be afraid of such action, then she forgets.

Rajput blood in Kangana’s veins, she is not afraid: Amardeep

Kangana Ranaut’s father Amardeep Singh said that there is Rajput blood in his daughter’s veins. She is not afraid of such threats and things.

Police patrol increased: SP

SP Gaurav has confirmed that Kangana had complained of shooting. The SP said that a team immediately reached Kangna’s house. A team of forensic experts was also reached. But they have not found any cartridge blank kiosks or gunpowder marks. Those around Kangana’s house have also been questioned. Police have increased patrolling around Kangana’s house.

New Delhi, Agencies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2020 through video conferencing. The Prime Minister, while highlighting the features of the new education policy brought by the government, said that it emphasizes on making the job-giver rather than the job-giver. It is an attempt to change our thinking and approach. With the new education policy, India’s languages ​​will grow and develop. It will further enhance the knowledge of India. 

Not a challenge that our youth cannot compete with 

The Prime Minister said that the role of all you youths is very important in achieving the goal of giving a good life to the poor of the country. I have always believed that there is no such challenge facing the country so that our youth cannot compete and find solutions. The country has got amazing inventions over the years through the Smart India Hackathon. I am sure that the young companions participating in this hackathon, while understanding the needs of the country, will work on new solutions to make the country self-reliant. 

Our youth has met every challenge 

The Prime Minister said that on the one hand there is talk of giving a natural place to local folk arts, knowledge and knowledge in the new education policy, on the other hand, there is an invitation to the top global institutions to open campuses in India. I have always trusted the youth power of the country. The youth of the country have proved this again and again. Recently, the demand for Face Shields to rescue Corona had increased. The youth of the country came forward to meet this demand with 3D printing technology. 

India’s rich languages ​​will get strength 

PM Modi said that the new education policy will also introduce the world to the rich languages ​​of India. One of the biggest advantages will be that students will get to learn in their own language in their early years. Anyway, if you look at the list of the top 20 countries of the world on the basis of GDP, most of the countries provide education in their home language, mother tongue. These countries develop the thinking and understanding of the youth in their country and also emphasize on other languages ​​to communicate with the world. 

Emphasis on making jobs 

In our country, the vernacular was left in its own right. He had very little chance to flourish and move forward. Now the changes brought in the education policy, the languages ​​of India will progress, they will develop further. These will not only increase the knowledge of India, but will also increase the unity of India. The new education policy emphasizes on creating a job-giver rather than a job-giver. This is an attempt to bring reform in our thinking and approach. There is now a systemic reform in the education system, an attempt to change both the intent and the content of education.

Don’t skip learning, question and solve 

PM Modi said that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the chief architect of our Constitution and the great educationist of the country, used to say that education should be accessible to all. The new education policy is devoted to this idea. The current time is to focus on learning, research and innovation. Similar efforts have been made in the new education policy. I appeal to the youth not to give up three things – learning, questioning and solving … 

Shuffle on previous governments 

PM Modi also indirectly targeted the apathy of previous governments over education. He said, the old education system has given the country such a large population that it is educated but most of what they have read, it does not work. Even after the degree of degrees, he feels an incompleteness in himself. Be it creating new resources for online education or these campaigns like Smart India Hackathon … Our effort is to make India’s education more modern, modern, talent gets full opportunity here. 

Must change rapidly in the 21st century

The Prime Minister said that the new education policy has been formulated keeping in mind the thinking, needs, and hopes of the 21st century youth. We have been proud that in the past centuries, we have given more than one best scientist, best technician, technology entrepreneur in the world. But this is the 21st century and in a rapidly changing world, India too needs to change as fast to play its effective role. Our effort is to provide opportunities to young talent. 

Data drive solution in healthcare will help 

PM Modi said that I have got an opportunity to join all the past editions. You have the opportunity to know, hear and understand. Today I can say that the goal of connecting the youth of the country to the challenges of the country and to prepare their innovative based solutions was that we had gone for. All of you young participants have made a big contribution to it. We have succeeded in this. A data drive solution in healthcare can lead to a big change. With this, we can deliver affordable healthcare system from poor to poor and to far-flung villages. 

Minister also met the innovative students one by one. He asked a student whether an alert system could be developed for the safety of children and women, which is proprietary integrated. Can this school bus, auto, cab be connected real time with police control room. The Prime Minister also emphasized smart policing. He told a participant that Artificial Intelligence can prove to be very helpful to make policing effective. If we do something in this direction, it will be important for administrative reform.  


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