MTV Roadies 4th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yeh dekhiye, agle episode mein, kyun pakda Rannvijay ne Nikhil ko, aisa kya hua jo do dost judo pe aa gaye? Kyu “control” kar rahe hain ko #donofroadies ?

In the mean time

RV-brother love your perfume,can I have it?

NIKHIL-this is my normal aroma as I go plunging routinely.

RV-I’m never relinquishing you… 📸-

Ek episode joh har roadie aur group pioneer ko hila ke rakh dega!😳🤯 Time for battles, allegations, tears, misfortune, dread, envy, rivalry joined with one major KNOCK OUT!🥊 Here’s a #SneakPeek into one more episode that will detonate your brain!

🤘 This week’s episode puts our posse chiefs into the hardest spots of all. To discover, get the current week’s

Group pioneer group is ablaze! 🔥 Kya khare utar payenge Sohil aur Milind in the current week’s assignment? 🤔 To discover, watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Giving the absolute best in each undertaking is plainly posse survival mantra in the game!🤟🏻🙌🏻 Watch how pack Sandeep performs

Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes each Sunday 7 PM on In this #VoteOut, we discover how Arushi and Rachel ko laga that pack was in the peril zone!😮 Do you think Arushi and Rachel ko hogaya game ke chakkar mein pyaar? 🤔 Let us know in the remarks underneath what you think and watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Gir ke, cushion ke, phir se uthenge standard undertaking mein apni jaan laga denge! 💪 Do you think Milind and Sohil can finish the current week’s task?🙄

Vote out aaya nazdeek toh humare saints bhid gaye jung mein! 💪 Who do you support? Tara or Ashish? 😏

Chahe task kitna hey confounded kyun na ho, humare saints ka jazba hamesha bana rahega! 🙌 Do you think Tara and Ashish structure a decent group? 🤔


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