MTV Roadies Real Heroes‎ 4th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ek episode joh har roadie aur gang leader ko hila ke rakh dega!😳🤯 Time for fights, accusations, tears, loss, fear, jealousy, competition combined with one big KNOCK OUT!🥊 Here’s a #SneakPeek into yet another episode that is going to explode your mind!

🤘 This week’s episode puts our gang leaders into the toughest spots of all. To find out, catch this week’s

Gang leader team is on fire! 🔥 Kya khare utar payenge Sohil aur Milind in this week’s task? 🤔 To find out, watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Giving the best shot in every task is clearly gang survival mantra in the game!🤟🏻🙌🏻 Watch how gang Sandeep performs

Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes every Sunday 7 PM on In this #VoteOut, we find out how Arushi and Rachel ko laga that gang was in the danger zone!😮 Do you think Arushi and Rachel ko hogaya game ke chakkar mein pyaar? 🤔 Let us know in the comments below what you think and watch #RoadiesRealHeroes

Gir ke, pad ke, phir se uthenge par task mein apni jaan laga denge! 💪 Do you think Milind and Sohil can complete this week’s task?🙄

Vote out aaya nazdeek toh humare heroes bhid gaye jung mein! 💪 Who do you support? Tara or Ashish? 😏

Chahe task kitna hi complicated kyun na ho, humare heroes ka jazba hamesha bana rahega! 🙌 Do you think Tara and Ashish form a good team? 🤔

Yeh dekhiye, agle episode mein, kyun pakda Rannvijay ne Nikhil ko, aisa kya hua jo do dost judo pe aa gaye? Kyu “control” kar rahe hain ko #donofroadies ?
RV- bro love your perfume,can I have it?
NIKHIL- this is my natural scent as I go diving regularly.
RV- I’m never letting go of you… 📸-

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