MTV Roadies Real Heroes 17th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yeh banda itna talented hai, he definitely deserves to say #MainBhiRoadie🔥💯 What do think of his skills? Tell us in the comment section below and watch #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight at 7pm!

That seems tough! Will balancing on a ball whilst acting like Hritik Roshan pay off for this contestant? Tune into MTV tonight at 7pm to watch #RoadiesRealHeroes Indore and Pune auditions! @letsdroom @oppomobileindia @_FlyHigh @Woodland

Woahhh!!! After this guy got rejected at the Chandigarh #RoadiesRealHeroes auditions, he has changed and how! 😲 Will he get selected in Indore? Tune into MTV tonight at 7pm to find out! @letsdroom @oppomobileindia @_FlyHigh @Woodland

Who is this contestant who keeps giving lifts to all the boys? 🧐 Watch our gang-leaders have fun with her tonight on #RoadiesRealHeroes at 7pm!

Aaisa toh Arushi Dutta ne kya kiya ki Neha asked her to leave? 😳 Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes tonight at 7pm to catch this ex-Splitsvillan’s audition!

This contestant from Pune acts out a part from Bajirao Mastani! What do you think of his acting? Watch #RoadiesRealHeroes Pune auditions tonight at 7pm on MTV!


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