Muskaan 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Shantanu thanking every body for the cooperation. He asks Ronak to come to the police station for formalities. Kajal feels sorry seeing Manav. She says I m innocent, they were doubting on me, I had to placed blame on you, I had no choice. She says I knew this can take place and planned the whole thing. She laughs. She says Shantanu shot the joker whilst he changed into about to assault Muskaan, I m just extraordinary, sorry Manav, i will now consciousness on Ronak and make Muskaan out of my way. Shantanu reaches Manav’s house to test the whole lot nicely. They get the black hood jacket. Shantanu calls Ronak and says our doubt turned into proper, we got another hoodie from Manav’s house. Ronak says it way Manav wanted to kill Sir ji and me, great, we can awareness on Kajal’s restoration. Shantanu says i’m able to record this example closure record. Kajal is glad.

Gayatri prays for Kajal, that her pain ends quickly. Ronak takes Muskaan on a marvel date. She receives terrified of the poppers burst sound and hugs him. They smile. She performs with the poppers. He asks for her hand. She gives her hand. he’s taking her to the table and makes her sit on the chair. She asks about the opposite wonder. He shows her. She sees the firecrackers bursting in the sky. She smiles and receives extremely joyful to look at the crackers show. Hawayein….performs….. Ronak smiles seeing her. She asks why did you spend a lot. He says i will get Taj mahal for you, you are my buddy, there may be some other surprise, I can be again. He gets a few firecrackers for her. She smiles. Shantanu tells Sujoy about Manav, who had attacked Sir ji, Ronak and Kajal. Sujoy says no, this can’t take place, Manav can’t be the hoodie guy. Sujoy asks why is it not feasible, we got the proof from his house. Sujoy thinks how to inform you that i used to be that hoodie guy, if I tell you, you won’t be capable of consider me again. Shantanu asks why do you still doubt.

Sujoy says its tough that Manav can do this single handedly. Shantanu says its tough to believe, that that is the fact, love makes every body do crimes, he cherished Kajal and did this with all of us. Sujoy says I want to check Kajal as soon as for my pleasure, its about Muskaan’s protection. Shantanu says believe me, truth is in the front of me. He receives a call and gets bowled over. He asks while did this take place. He says Dr. Purushottam is observed lifeless in his residence, he became treating Kajal. Sujoy says I advised you, you didn’t believe me, my doubt is not baseless, my doubt is only Kajal, i will find out her reality. Shantanu says relax, think with a fab mind, i’m able to find out and now not forestall you. Sujoy says excellent, I believe you. Shantanu says I ought to study Kajal when she is lonely, but she is in no way on my own. Sujoy thinks and says don’t worry, i’ve an idea.

Gayatri tells everything to Sir ji. Pandit comes home. Gayatri asks him to sit down. He asks them to help in donating in Bhandara. Bua says we are able to certainly assist. He asks them to come with entire own family. Gayatri says I suppose we shouldn’t take Kajal to the temple, she should be at home. Pandit is going out and says it took place as you stated, Kajal might be by myself at home. Shantanu sends him and meets Sujoy. Shantanu says now no one can stop Kajal from getting crimson surpassed. Ronak comes to Muskaan. He says we’re friends now, while you are in hassle, you may need my assist, you can tell me. She stops him. Gayatri comes there and sees them collectively in Kajal’s room.

Precap Upcoming Muskaan Episode Update: Shantanu says you could’t get stored from me now. Kajal begs him and asks him to forgive her. She hits him and runs. He follows and shoots her.


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