Muskaan 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak calling Gayatri to talk. Kajal takes the telephone and talks to him. She asks wherein are you, come home. Ronak says we completed the puja, we prayed for you. Kajal says I had a whole lot fun, I m nonetheless praying with Gayatri. Gayatri asks Ronak to return home soon. Ronak says yes, we are at the way. Kajal asks Gayatri to do some thing and clean the room, dump Shantanu’s useless body, he had shot me, remove the bullet, else it is going to be an contamination. She takes Gayatri to the kitchen and heats a knife. She asks her to simply do as she tells. She compels Gayatri to get rid of the bullet. Sujoy calls Shantanu time and again. He thinks what passed off to Shantanu, why is he no longer answering. Ronak sees Muskaan. Kajal asks Gayatri to smooth the room and assist her. They tie up Shantanu’s frame. They take him at the wheelchair. Ronak and each person come home.

Kajal asks Gayatri to cover. She says they’ve come quickly. Muskaan says i’m able to see Kajal and come. Muskaan involves Ronak and says Kajal isn’t there in outhouse. Ronak says maybe she is with mum within the room. They go upstairs and spot Gayatri and Kajal collectively. Ronak sees Gayatri upset. Kajal says we arranged this marvel for you, you each are correct dad and mom, I wanted to do this, so we did this for you. She says i’m able to sleep with Gayatri today, she is quality, she took care of me. Ronak thanks Gayatri. He asks what’s the matter, your arms are so cold, why. Gayatri says sure, I had an awful lot paintings, I m worn-out. Muskaan gives her kalava. It falls down. Muskaan says i’m able to take it. Kajal and Gayatri fear as Shantanu’s frame is beneath the bed. Ronak selections the kalava.

Kajal thinks now Gayatri is trapped, none can shop her. Gayatri takes Kajal. Muskaan says I don’t locate some thing wrong. Ronak says sure, however maybe mum sincerely were given tired. Ronak goes to meet Hanumant. He tells Hanumant about Muskaan’s problem, that’s Gayatri’s acceptance. He says i’ve already hurt mum a lot. He cries and beverages. He says Muskaan thinks plenty for mum, she is proper, she loves and respects mum. Kajal threatens Gayatri and says if every body doubts on me, i will kill and Ronak. Gayatri cries.

Precap: Ronak comes home at night. Gayatri and Kajal conceal. Ronak stops and turns to look. He sees Gayatri.


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