Muskaan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Muskaan says no, this can’t occur. Sir ji says it occurred and now its your turn. He requests that the marksman shoot her and murder her. They get stunned. Sir ji yells shoot her. Ronak says one favored by Lord, none can slaughter him. Everybody grins seeing Ronak.

Sir ji gets stunned seeing Ronak. Ronak says one murdered by Lord, none can spare him. Muskaan asks are you fine. Ronak gestures. He asks are you supposing how could I get spared, I will take you in flashback. Ronak reviews … FB indicates Ronak advising that he has a response to Sir ji’s each arrangement. Driver leaves the vehicle. Ronak gets down the vehicle. Hanumant keeps a statue inside. The goons shoot at Ronak. They see a clock bomb inside the statue. They all flee. The vehicle impacts. They fall back. Sir ji’s man gets stunned. The goons endure wounds. Ronak focuses firearm at the man and requests that he do as he says. He requests that he call Sir ji. The man calls Sir ji and says we executed Ronak. FB closes.

Sir ji requests that the rifleman shoot them down. Ronak giggles and asks who will shoot. Sir ji doesn’t see Rana and his expert marksmen. Ronak assaulted Rana and his expert sharpshooters. Gayatri asks Ronak is he fine. Ronak says I let you know, nothing will transpire on the off chance that I have your favors and truth in heart. Sir ji takes shots at Ronak’s hand and drops Ronak’s weapon. He gets Bua at firearm point and undermines them. Bua says leave me. Sir ji gets in the vehicle and pushes Bua. Ronak looks on. Sir ji drives off. Ronak says I won’t let Sir ji escape today.

Ronak and Muskaan leave on a bicycle. They pursue Sir ji to the godown. Sir ji gets down his vehicle and holds his chest. Ronak says you got sick presently, don’t tun, you can’t get spared now. Sir ji gets fine and grins seeing him. Lights jump on. Sir ji snickers. His goons turn out. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned. Sir ji sits on the vehicle and says you both can’t get spared now. Ronak holds Muskaan close in arms. Sir ji asks do you like to dream, you thought I have only couple of goons and expert sharpshooters and you will win, you comprehend what I have and what I m, this is my little armed force, who will execute you, I will win. Muskaan gets frightened.

Sir ji asks Ronak to tell now, what will he do, by what method will he overcome his father and his forces. He signs goons to beat Ronak. The goons go to assault Ronak and Muskaan. They hear a bicycle sound. Hanumant gets his companions group there to spare Ronak and Muskaan. Sir ji gets stunned. Ronak gets a solid help. Hanumant says I got all the young men, you constantly upheld them, today they will end up being our military and ensure you. Ronak requests that Sir ji tell now, who will win, demon or human.

Precap: Ronak’s companions and Sir ji’s goons battle. Ronak takes shots at Sir ji’s leg. Goons get Ronak. Sir ji shoots. Muskaan gets shot and tumbles down.


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