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The Episode starts with Sujoy breaking the door and going out. Sir ji asks all and sundry to returnand see Ronak, he is within the washroom. Hanumant issues. Ronak takes Muskaan somewhereand stops the car. He receives her out of the car. He says close up and concentrate to me, i’m able to speak now, you can hate me, however i’m able to let you know the reality. She asks him what’s the truth. He says its real that I had saved Aarti with me, i discovered Aarti at Jaya’s residencei was bowled over, she turned into mentally risky, she had a reminiscence loss, she became calling Shalu as Muskaan, could you meet her in that kingdomyou will have were given unhappy, I took her to health center to get her treated, I thought to give you surprise so you get glad, you used to present me a tiffin box, I used to take it in your mum, we’ve got done shopping for Aarti, I instructed you about

my buddy’s mum, it turned into your mum, I took you to clinic, I informed you i’m able to come up with wonder, I wanted you to meet Aarti, Sir ji played the game and abducted Aarti. He tells her Sir ji’s plan. He says I desired to tell you, its not my mistake, I wanted your mum to satisfy you.
Sir ji says Ronak isn’t establishing the door, I suppose he had were given a good deal drunk. Kajal says I accredited Ronak to enjoy as a good deal as he wants. Sir ji says your marriage will appearthe next dayyou may manipulate him the next day. The ladies move returned. Sir ji says this final night can make things worse for me, i will make Ronak marry tomorrow. Ronak says I wanted to tell you the truth so that you begin your new lifestyles properly, if we met again, we don’t have hatred in hearts, that’s it.

Muskaan looks at him. Ronak holds her hand and says I had saved Aarti with a good purpose, I didn’t wish to cheat you. Muskaan gets her hand away. She doesn’t agree with him and doubts on his intentions. She says I relied on you loads and constantly supported you, you had hidden everything as you didn’t trust me. She scolds him and Sir ji. She says it changed into your plan towards me. He asks what are you sayingyou are comparing me with Sir ji, you’ve got wasted my efforts. Sujoy comes there with police. He gets angry on Ronak and arrests him. Ronak says my intention changed into suitablei’m able to’t ever suppose to hold you far from your mum. he istaken away by police. DCP informs Sir ji about Ronak’s arrest on the expenses of kidnapping Muskaan. Sir ji says besti’m able to just come.

Sujoy and Muskaan complain approximately Ronak to DCP. Sujoy asks Muskaan to inform Ronak’s actions to DCP. Muskaan says Ronak had abducted me through pointing gun at my mum. Sujoy asks DCP did he listen this. Muskaan says sorry, I couldn’t say this earlier than, even remainingtime Ronak has stricken my circle of relatives, Sujoy is announcing right, its Ronak’s mistake, Sujoy become just doing his duty, I request you now not to suspend Sujoy, punish Ronak. Ronak sees her. DCP asks Ronak if he has to say something in protection. Ronak symptoms no. He goes to the cellular. DCP asks Sujoy to join his responsibility. Sujoy says thanks, I received’t crossdomestic until Ronak is going to his domestic. He asks constable to drop Muskaan domestic. Sir ji comes there and sees Muskaan. Muskaan says i’ve a final request, keep your son plenty a long wayfrom me. She is going. Sir ji says Ronak will stay right here in police custody nowadays. He says attorney gets bail papers, drop Ronak domestic with admirelive alert, if all people attempts to hurt him, I gained’t spare all people. He thinks this is only manner to stop Ronak from meetingMuskaan.

Muskaan comes back and says Sujoy, I need to speak to Ronak as soon as. Sujoy takes her to Ronak. Muskaan says i’ve understood what you have got instructed me, i have agreed to you. Sujoy looks on. Ronak says I knew it, you’ll apprehend. Muskaan says Aarti had explained me. She remembers Aarti explaining her now not to harm Ronak, and now not preserve hatred for Ronak. She says your intention became accurate for my mum, I don’t need you to preserve any burden in coronary heart, I forgive you and stop all the hatred and anger for you. They cry.

Goons kidnap Muskaan and Aarti. They get bowled over seeing a person.

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