Muskaan 13th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Muskaan coming to the shop and asking the girls for the trial room. She is going and sees a man recording her. Ronak comes to the police station. He meets Inspector Jahaan and says I want to speak to you some thing imp. Jahaan jokes. Ronak asks him to offer protection to Sir ji. Jahaan says I advised him and he didn’t agree, you can fill the shape. Ronak concurs. Jahaan says i will come inside the evening with the exceptional squad. Muskaan snatches the smartphone. the man falls down. She gets stunned. Jahaan asks why do you call your dad as Sir ji. Ronak says he is identical for me as he’s for all of us. Muskaan gets Bunty to the police station and says he turned into making videos of girls. Bunty tries to bribe Jahaan. Jahaan asks do you understand this man. Muskaan nods.

Jahaan asks her to forgive him, if he is stuck again, then he received’t get bail too. Bunty apologizes to the ladies. The female scolds her and says this isn’t justice, you’ll get punished, humans like you smash the society. Muskaan thinks Sir ji is doing the equal with Ronak and me, he wishes us to get away, in order that he can cover up his crimes. She asks Jahaan to punish Bunty. She says the female gets justice. Jahaan asks constable to place Bunty in lockup and check up his telephone statistics. Bunty asks them to leave him. The female salutes Muskaan’s honesty. She says you have got punished Bunty with out thinking that he is your relative. The younger female says Muskaan is my hero, can i am getting your autography, I need to turn out to be like you. Muskaan offers her autograph and feels satisfied. Muskaan recollects Ronak’s phrases. She says my courage got excessive, I m certain that i’m able to win my battle. Jahaan asks what conflict.

She says I should handcuff my mum’s assassin and get him punished. Constable says we should pick constables for high profile businessman protection. Jahaan sees Sir ji’s document and says its volatile paintings. Muskaan says I want to do that, I don’t need an clean work, I need to research. Jahaan says fine, I selected three more constables, Das will lead the crew. Muskaan thinks to speak to Ronak and solution him. Jahaan asks Muskaan to record on duty after which communicate to family. They depart. they arrive to the resort and meet Sir ji.

Sir ji receives taken aback seeing Muskaan. Jahaan introduces the safety crew. Ronak and Gayatri see Muskaan. Jahaan praises Muskaan. He says your safety may be their duty now. Muskaan cries. Ronak says so you have taken the decision, i can see which you have chosen handcuff, now not the keys. He says I realize you will arrest Sir ji whilst you get a hazard. Muskaan says don’t say this. Bua says you usually come to problem us. Muskaan drops the keys. Ronak picks the keys. He gets sad and is going. Das sends his crew with Sir ji. Das asks Muskaan to take the packets. Muskaan says this isn’t my paintings. Das insists her. She picks the packets for Sir ji. Sir ji smiles seeing her. She thinks i can punish you in the future. Bua asks Das can we make Muskaan do our paintings. Das says positive. Ronak says I recognize your warfare will go on, i’m able to always stand to your way. Sir ji says i can’t see you unhappy, I don’t have any trouble with Muskaan, however you will be disturbed with this. Ronak says I have no trouble with it. He returns the keys and thinks its my obligation to protect you, i can do my Dharm and i will appreciate Muskaan’s wish, its my Karm.

Precap: Muskaan cries and says i’ve become Sir ji’s defend. Sir ji name callings her.


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