Muskaan 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Sir ji asking Ronak to fee members of the family over Muskaan, his Bua is poisoned. Mrs. Sinha asks him to name police and get Muskaan caught. Ronak says i can find out, give me a while. Sir ji asks them to move, he’ll get a few constables to defend. He stops Ronak and says consider me, I m now not in the back of this, you find out where is Muskaan. Ronak says I recognise what you could do and what Muskaan can do, if something happens to Muskaan, i’m able to disappear you, you can in no way come back then. He warns Sir ji and is going. Kajal hears them.

Muskaan asks the goons to leave her. She receives greatly surprised seeing Bunty and cute’s husband. Bunty says our mortgage will receives a commission by way of you. they say you insulted us in the morning, and we took our revenge, you already know your fee, 30 lakhs. She asks what are you pronouncing. Bunty says I don’t need to look your face ever. They depart. Muskaan gets shocked while Sir ji comes. Kajal informs the whole thing to Sujoy. She says Bua blamed Muskaan and case is filed in police. Sujoy ask what nonsense is this, in which is Muskaan. Kajal says if you find out wherein is Muskaan, you could win and take her away, Ronak will do anything to locate her, you have to attain her first, its my obligation to forestall Ronak. He consents. He says i can discover her and take Muskaan with me, i will win this struggle. Kajal says I ought to use Muskaan’s absence, Ronak becomes mine these days. Ronak tries to find Muskaan. Sir ji says you may be thinking how did this appear. He tells his mortgage of the way he got his family participants Bunty and Dipendra involved in kidnapping Muskaan.

He says you’re wanted by using police, you gave poison to my sister, there is half homicide case on you, police is locating you. She asks what happened to Bua, I didn’t deliver her any poison. Sir ji says courtroom will decide this, doctor gave certificates that Bua became poisoned, its time so one can go away from our lives. He factors gun at her. He asks is there all and sundry right here to save you. The money lenders come and ask Sir ji now not to kill her. the man says we’ve got performed her deal with a unique man, we have become 30 lakhs from him, please leave, we admire you loads, business is commercial enterprise. Sir ji says I recognize, how a whole lot you respect me. He leaves. Ronak says Hanumant, I instructed you to be with Muskaan, just come domestic and meet me.

Kajal asks what took place, did you meet Muskaan. Ronak says no. She asks him not to take strain. She attempts to appeal him. Aaj dikha de…..plays…. She performs a tune and gets near. He says we will share sorrow collectively, come. She smiles. Muskaan says allow me go, don’t do this. some guys get the money bag and take Muskaan away. Ronak makes Kajal inebriated to dispose of her. Kajal says you are very high-quality, i really like you loads. She falls asleep. Ronak makes her sleep at the bed. He says your thoughts will come on place when you get aware. Hanumant comes and says I didn’t locate Muskaan, I heard a man sold a woman for fifty lakhs. They hide and see Bunty and Dipendra going out in a few birthday party. Ronak asks wherein are they going.

Its morning, Kajal wakes up. Mrs. Sinha comes and asks in which is Ronak. Kajal says perhaps he went to meet Bua. Mrs. Sinha asks did he say whatever about Muskaan. Kajal says no, certainly Ronak and i united the previous day, Mrs. Sinha says we will speak later, I m going to health center. Kajal says i’m able to come along. Sir ji says police isn’t able to find one female. He scolds inspector. Bua says don’t discover her, I have to take the grievance again. they all get taken aback.

Precap: Ronak falls over his vehicle while a truck quickens. He follows the truck. Muskaan is locked up internal.


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