Muskaan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Ronak advising his emotions to Hanumant. Kajal demands Gayatri and requests that her take her out. Ronak says I need to change remove into closeness, everything will get fine in the event that I make a stride, at that point mum will see Muskaan’s fact and goodness, at that point my romantic tale will get total. Hanumant says Muskaan is truly similar to Gayatri. Ronak gets a thought and kisses him. He expresses gratitude toward him and says now I need to make mum see her shadow in Muskaan, presently none can prevent my romantic tale from finishing. Kajal and Gayatri go into Muskaan’s space to get Shantanu’s dead body. They leave. Ronak gets back home. They see Ronak coming and stow away. A vase tumbles down. Ronak stops and asks who is it. He sees Gayatri. She chides him for being tanked. He says no, I m going. He returns home. He supposes how is it so cold in the room. He turns off the AC. He says odd, who dozes in so much virus. Sujoy goes into the house to check for Shantanu.

He says where did Shantanu go, even Kajal isn’t in her room. He sees Muskaan dozing and thinks express gratitude toward God, you are protected, I will take you with me soon, I need to discover Shantanu and Kajal now. Kajal makes Gayatri burrow the dirt and dump Shantanu’s body. She makes a video also. Sujoy hears the burrowing sound and says what’s this sound, who will burrow the ground around evening time. He goes to see. Kajal and Gayatri hear the stride sound and cover up. He says I feel somebody was here. He calls Shantanu. Kajal gets the call. She disengages. He leaves. Kajal says who was he.

Gayatri says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Kajal chastens her. Gayatri arranges Shantanu’s body. Sujoy says what’s this hogwash, Shantanu isn’t noting my call, where did he go. He leaves. Gayatri gets Kajal to her room. Kajal embraces Gayatri and expresses gratitude toward her for hardwork. Gayatri cries. Its morning, Ronak asks Bua for what good reason is she vexed. Muskaan wishes Ronak for Baisakhi. Bua says Gayatri denied for observing Baisakhi. Muskaan says its last day of my business temporary position, I will go soon and come. She leaves. Ronak goes to toilet. Kajal undermines Gayatri. Ronak comes in. Kajal begins acting. Ronak asks Gayatri for what good reason isn’t she celebrating. Gayatri can’t.

Precap: Muskaan endowments a saree to Gayatri. Kajal makes Gayatri cut the saree. Ronak and Muskaan come there.


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