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Ronak getting Kajal’s selfie. He says that is my future. He receives unhappy and sends his selfie to her. Sujoy waits for Muskaan. Suzaine asks him to wear sehra. He says permit Muskaan come fast. He calls Aarti. Goon snatches the telephone and throws it. Muskaan hides her cellphone. Sir ji asks DCP to maintain a check on Ronak. DCP says constables will drop Ronak to mandap. Sir ji asks Gayatri to head, he will end his work and are available on time. Aarti sees Muskaan’s phone. Muskaan says allow us to go. Aarti messages Ronak to assist them. Ronak gets bowled over seeing the help. Aarti thinks if Sir ji is in the back of this, simply his son Ronak can save us. Sir ji asks constable to music Muskaan and Aarti’s telephones and tell their area. Ronak thinks anyone is expecting me at domestic, what’s this message. Hanumant asks him to suppose again.

Ronak says Muskaan ended the entirety remaining night anybody is watching for me in mandap. Hanumant says maybe she is virtually in trouble, she trusted you and messaged you, if you don’t reach to assist her, you’ll curse your self. Aarti thinks Ronak has moved on, he could be in his marriage mandap, will he come. Sujoy says Muskaan’s telephone isn’t connecting. Constables tracks the smartphone and informs Sujoy. Sujoy runs to find them. Ronak says if I do something wrong, what will I solution Gayatri. Hanumant says please go and help Muskaan. Ronak argues with him. Constables desires to check on Ronak. Hanumant asks Ronak to go from back window. He offers her a blanket to leap down. Constables come and asks how a whole lot time will you’re taking, a few speedy, else we can lose our activity. Ronak leaves.

Goons get Muskaan, Aarti and Rakhi to some godown and tie them up. Hanumant asks Ronak why does he want to help Muskaan. He prays for Muskaan. Ronak pushes constable and flees in the police van. Hanumant smiles and stops the constable. He receives gladly. Rakhi asks goons to forestall this drama now. She takes the ropes and scolds the goons. Muskaan and Aarti get stunned seeing her truth. They ask Rakhi why did they stab they’re accept as true with. Rakhi scolds them. Sir ji comes. Rakhi smiles and recalls Sir ji’s plan. Muskaan and Aarti get bowled overseeing him. Ronak and Sujoy are at the manner. Ronak thinks I must have left earlier than, Hanumant is proper, i will forgive myself. Sir ji scolds Muskaan for cheating him and meeting Ronak all over again.

Aarti begs Sir ji to leave Muskaan. He says i have determined to take away this headache and kill you two. Kajal suggests Ronak’s p.c to absolutely everyone and waits for him. Sir ji says i have finished lots for you, and now you received’t get saved. Muskaan says we didn’t do anything such. Sir ji signs his goons. The goons pour kerosene there. Muskaan and Aarti cry and ask him not to do that. Muskaan asks Sir ji to leave Aarti. Sir ji scolds them. Sir ji, Rakhi and goons go out. Sir ji asks Muskaan to look the dying now. He ignites the hearth and goes. Muskaan shouts no, someone helps us. They get surrounded by using the fireplace ring. Sir ji says their tale ends here. He locks the door and goes.

Precap:- Ronak reaches the godown. Goons prevent him. He beats the goons. He gets inside and saves Muskaan. Aarti says just you could keep my daughter. She asks Muskaan to pay attention to her and constantly aid Ronak. She joins their arms.

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