Muskaan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gayatri input Muskaan’s room to get Shantanu’s useless body. They depart. Ronak comes domestic. They see Ronak coming and hide. A vase falls down. Ronak stops and asks who’s it. He sees Gayatri. She scolds him for being inebriated. He says no, I m going. He is going home. He thinks how is it so cold inside the room. He switches off the AC. He says strange, who sleeps in a lot cold. Sujoy enters the residence to check for Shantanu.

He says in which did Shantanu cross, even Kajal isn’t in her room. He sees Muskaan napping and thinks thank God, you are safe, i will take you with me quickly, I have to find Shantanu and Kajal now. Kajal makes Gayatri dig the soil and unload Shantanu’s body.

She makes a video as nicely. Sujoy hears the digging sound and says what’s this sound, who will dig the ground at night. He goes to peer. Kajal and Gayatri hear the footstep sound and conceal. He says I feel someone became right here. He calls Shantanu. Kajal receives the decision. She disconnects. He leaves. Kajal says who was he.

Gayatri says I don’t know. Kajal scolds her. Gayatri disposes Shantanu’s frame. Sujoy says what’s this nonsense, Shantanu isn’t answering my name, where did he pass. He leaves. Gayatri receives Kajal to her room. Kajal hugs Gayatri and thanks her for hardwork. Gayatri cries. Its morning, Ronak asks Bua why is she disappointed. Muskaan needs Ronak for Baisakhi.

Bua says Gayatri refused for celebrating Baisakhi. Muskaan says its final day of my sales internship, i’m able to move soon and come. She leaves. Ronak goes to outhouse. Kajal threatens Gayatri. Ronak comes in. Kajal begins performing. Ronak asks Gayatri why isn’t she celebrating. Gayatri refuses.

Precap: Muskaan items a saree to Gayatri. Kajal makes Gayatri cut the saree. Ronak and Muskaan come there.


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