Muskaan 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ronak leaving from pastor’s office. Sir ji comes there and says he is requesting that my framework closed my business. The government operative pen records everything. Sir ji tells his arrangement of slaughtering Ronak and Muskaan. The CEO calls Sir ji and says Ronak gave us desserts box. Sir ji says I know, make that container convey bomb, so that Ronak and Muskaan are announced as fear based oppressors, clergyman and DIG will help you in this. Chief says OK Sir. Hanumant sees the camera feed. He gets stunned. He goes to serve. Clergyman asks who are you. Hanumant says your well wisher. He demonstrates the recording.

Clergyman and DIG get stunned. He says now you need to do this. Ronak requests that priest help him. He says you arranged against me, I need to make a similar arrangement against Sir ji, on the off chance that you don’t do this, at that point you can comprehend what I can do, you look reasonable. Hanumant says I have the video in pendrive and workstation likewise, I can make it viral, simply observe what you need to do. Priest and DIG label Sir ji a fear based oppressor and pass the request to close Sir ji’s organizations. FB closes.

Inspector gets a call. He says leave Ronak, capture Sir ji. Sir ji yells on them. Investigator says we got a request to capture you. Sir ji shoots the reviewer and constables. Ronak gets stunned. Sir ji enacts the bomb. Muskaan yells no. Suzaine says help don’t do this Sir ji. Sir ji shoots at Ronak. Ronak curves down. He gets a weapon and takes shots at Muskaan’s binds. Dipendar says he is more shrewd than us. Suzaine says Muskaan avoid me. Muskaan cries. Ronak focuses weapon at Sir ji. Sir ji says don’t come ahead. Suzaine says I will take this demon with me and pass on. She races to Sir ji. Sir ji pushes Dipendar in front. Impact happens. Suzaine and Dipendar pass on. Sir ji falls far. He gets up and runs. Muskaan yells Maasi. Ronak looks on stunned. Gayatri and everybody see the updates on Sir ji’s departure. Ronak and Muskaan return home. Gayatri asks what befell you. Ronak says all is well, Lovely says don’t have a clue where is Dipendar. Bua gets some information about him. Ronak blows up. Lovely asks did you converse with him, proceed to discover him.

Muskaan cries. Ronak says he won’t converse with us now. Lovely asks what. Ronak cries and says Dipendar has left us. She gets stunned. Gayatri, Dolly and Bua additionally get stunned. Beautiful yells no, you are lying. They all cry. Beautiful says Muskaan has consumed Dipendar in her disdain fire, she accused Dipendar and grabbed my better half. She asks Muskaan to move cheerfully now. Ronak quiets her down. Muskaan says let her state.

Lovely says Muskaan is in charge of Dipendar’s demise, she is unfortunate for is. Exquisite says stop it, you are additionally in charge of this mum. She says Muskaan will slaughter Sir ji likewise, she will murder everybody. She says you transformed me into a widow, I revile you, similar to you grabbed everything from me, you will lose everything, your better half will likewise leave from you, you will be disregarded. Muskaan says no, kindly don’t state this. Flawless says I will consistently revile you, Ronak makes tracks in an opposite direction from you. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned.

Precap: Sir ji says these cases have all the dark cash. Ronak says prepare to offer bye to the dark cash. Tabassum asks Ronak to look here once. Ronak and Muskaan get stunned.


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