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The Episode starts with Gayatri coming domestic and telling about kajal’s kidnapping. Kajal’s dad says what nonsense, I m sure Ronak did this, I gained’t go away Ronak. Mrs. Sinha recalls Ronak’s phrases and calls someone. Ronak says don’t worry, i can cross and notice. Police comes and arrests Ronak. Kajal’s mother and father scold Muskaan and ask her to inform in which is Kajal. They threaten Muskaan. Police gets Ronak domestic. Ronak asks what’s the problem, what did I do. Mrs. Sinha says Muskaan didn’t do anything, Ronak has finished this. Sir ji asks what’s this nonsense, why will Ronak do that, he can’t do that. She says Ronak doesn’t regard Ronak as his spouse. Gayatri says my Ronak can’t try this.

Mrs. Sinha says i’ve observed, Ronak is keen to live with Muskaan, i have heard Ronak talking to his buddy.

Mrs. Ganguly comes and says Ronak is grounded, he can’t go out, if Kajal isn’t determined, police will discover. Ronak says I didn’t do whatever, pay attention to me, I should cross. Muskaan comes to him. Inspector is going. Constable shuts the door. Rajni complains against whole own family. Sir ji calls his men and asks to discover Kajal at any value. Muskaan takes permission and goes to offer tea to constables. Ronak receives Kajal’s call. a man informs him about Kajal. Constable is going ti inform inspector. Sujoy says he’s going to come, don’t be so excited. the man says I called Ronak and informed the entirety. Kajal says Ronak will come and shop me, we are able to unite. Sujoy asks Kajal to throw the smartphone, else police will find her. She calls him smart. She smells some chloroform and falls asleep. Muskaan offers tea to everyone. Ronak says I didn’t do something.

Constable asks Muskaan to exit. Mrs. Ganguly tells about Kajal’s call. Mrs. Sinha says Kajal will come domestic secure, then we are able to take strict action in opposition to Ronak. Rajni says placed Ronak in prison proper away. Muskaan tests the address chit Ronak has given to her. He asks her to go to Sir ji. Sir ji says when you stated you will supply tea to Ronak, I had a doubt, i will find Kajal and get her, then Ronak will get loose, then i’m able to see you. He goes. Rajni’s mother and father see Sir ji leaving and ask in which are you going. Sir ji says I m doing to locate Kajal, Ronak is my son, I recognize him, he can’t try this, permit me cross, i can use my contacts and find out. Gayatri says Ronak can’t do that. Sir ji says Ronak is my son, i have all right to show that he is innocent. Mrs. Ganguly says first-class, preserve police in loop, no person else can go out, you could cross. Sir ji thanks her and goes.

Rajni seems for Muskaan and says did she run away. She asks Gayatri where is she, she isn’t in kitchen. Gayatri asks what. Police looks for Muskaan. Gayatri thinks where did Muskaan go. Sir ji sees Muskaan in lower back seat and forestalls the car. He asks how did you come back right here. She says I should prove Ronak’s innocence, he has constantly helped me. Sir ji says Ronak is my son, i can handle him, i will kill you. She taunts him. She says I understand you didn’t plot this recreation, so its no longer clean to win, I m coming with you. They go away. Ronak learns that Muskaan has runaway, every person thinks she is behind the abduction. Ronak says i’m able to show my innocence, i will’t sit here. Constable says police is doing its paintings. Ronak pushes him. He gets caught. He runs out of the room.

Precap Upcoming Muskaan episode update: Sir ji and Muskaan come to take Kajal. Sujoy shoots at Sir ji. Muskaan gets shot via mistake. Sujoy gets bowled over.


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