Muskaan 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Muskaan waiting for Neha outside the washroom. She is going internal and sees Neha going out of window. She stops Neha. Neha says I haven’t any option than to run, I m compelled to marry, my BF is awaiting me, he has a great job, i like him loads, I don’t want to marry Bunty. Muskaan says pleasant, don’t run away, your mother and father will ought to hear plenty, don’t do this, please. Neha says allow me go else i’m able to have this poison, stay away. Muskaan says no. Neha is going. Bua comes and shouts Muskaan, you made my bahu run. She takes Muskaan downstairs and says Muskaan made Neha run away. they all get stunned.

Sharma asks in which did Neha go. He asks the guards to look for Neha. Neha’s mum asks Muskaan in which is her daughter. Bua says Muskaan can’t see happiness coming in our residence. Muskaan says I advised you, Neha has run on her own. shield says Neha isn’t right here. Das says we can try to tune Neha. Muskaan says Neha loves a person and doesn’t want to marry Bunty. Bua says lie, why did she come here then, you’re after Bunty’s happiness, Ronak i’ve seen Muskaan making Neha run. Ronak says you could have stuck her and got her right here. He calms down Bua and says we could have food collectively, I promise to get an awesome alliance for Bunty. Bunty goes. Ronak asks Bua to come back, they’re together after a long term. Ronak takes Bua. Muskaan is going. Gayatri asks Ronak to sit down with him and feature food these days. all people eats meals. Ronak says its family time, we will have goodies. He feeds candies to Gayatri. Muskaan sees them and thinks its exact they have got come collectively. Gayatri feeds kheer to Ronak. Sir ji says i’m able to make a smartphone call and are available. He is going and calls Sharma.

He says thank Neha from my facet, she has acted properly. Neha smiles. Sir ji says you stated Neha likes performing, i will help her. Sir ji thinks i will take you to brothel and insult you a lot that you’ll escape from Ronak, and Ronak will come near family. Servant receives meals for Muskaan. She cries and doesn’t eat. Ronak comes and says Muskaan slept without having meals. He thinks sorry Muskaan, i have hidden a reality from you, which i’m able to let you know quickly, simply consider me. Gayatri sees the picture album. Ronak comes and says its antique photos. She asks him to sit down. She tells about his adolescence moments and cries. She says we used to experience a lot, will that point come lower back. He says sure, we will get that own family time again within the night whilst we revel in the rains and devour snacks, while playing a sport, your own family may be together again.

She asks him to make his relation with Muskaan best, cease the day by day arguments, are you information. He says sure. he’s taking breakfast for Muskaan. She gives him a white flower and apologizes. He says just neglect it now and feature breakfast. They feed food to each other. He says we are able to play passing the parcel sport with family today, it will likely be amusing. She smiles. Das comes and says its time for your duty. Ronak asks don’t you have manners, its my room, live out. Das says sorry, its time for Sir ji to return. Muskaan is going. Sir ji and Muskaan come to the brothel. The men see her and taunt her. Tabassum jokes on Muskaan. Sir ji insults her.

Precap: The girls taunt Muskaan. Das says a woman is status at the close by building to commit suicide and she or he is taking your name sir ji. Sir ji gets shocked.


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