Muskaan 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The episode starts with muskaan bearing the insult inside the brothel. the women taunt muskaan. tabassum asks the women to peer muskaan and spot her result. she asks them to live with comforts here. sir ji says muskaan will continually be servant. muskaan thinks sir ji is dishonest ronak, ronak thinks sir ji has left the awful business, he can never alternate. sir ji says muskaan is one who won’t progress and received’t allow others progress. das says a girl is committing suicide and taking your call sir ji. sir ji says i will go and spot. das says no, it maybe a plan of someone, stay here. he asks muskaan to go and spot. muskaan is going and stops the female. she asks the female to inform her problem, she will be able to remedy it.

the female says i need sir ji right here, call him, else i’m able to leap down. gayatri, ronak and everyone see the girl’s suicide attempt information on tv. they get bowled over. muskaan thinks what did sir ji do with mala. she asks mala to return down. she says believe me, come down. mala pulls her hand and receives her at the railing. jahaan comes there and appears on. mala says you lied to me, how did the police inspector come here. muskaan says no. mala says i can take you and bounce down. jahaan says i promise i’m able to resolve your trouble. mala says just name sir ji. jahaan asks will your trouble get solved, cowards try suicide, come down, i promise you, i will solve your problem. media seems on. muskaan asks mala to calm down. mala jumps down holding muskaan. they each collapse. jahaan receives greatly surprised. gayatri shouts muskaan and worries. anybody receives stunned. a truck comes on time. muskaan and mala fall inside the truck. muskaan receives up and looks round. ronak receives down the truck. he hugs muskaan. he asks are you pleasant. muskaan says i felt i’d die. he says not anything will manifest as long as i m with you. jahaan comes and asks muskaan to take mala to health facility.

they reach medical institution. ronak asks how is mala. medical doctor says she is out of threat now, she is subconscious. ronak asks muskaan to relax. muskaan says i needed to visit brothel with sir ji, nothing is fine, he insulted me plenty, mala turned into attempting suicide due to sir ji, mala and i’d have died in case you didn’t come on time. jahaan comes and asks the repute. muskaan says i want to file fir against sir ji, he has provoked mala for suicide. jahaan says we are able to’t file fir till mala receives aware. she says its incorrect, the woman attempted to take her existence due to sir ji. she asks ronak not to defend sir ji, mala was taking sir ji’s name. ronak is going. jahaan says i explained you before, chill out, contend with the female. he goes. she is going and sees mala lacking. she appears out of window. she sees a couple taking mala. muskaan runs and hires a cab. she asks the motive force to observe that vehicle. she is going to a few house and sees sir ji threatening mala. she thinks to save mala’s existence. mala asks sir ji not to try this. muskaan takes a stick. she hits on his head. she arrests sir ji for his evil deeds. she calls the police station.

muskaan sprinkles water on sir ji’s face. he wakes up in the police station. he gets shocked. she says you’re on the proper area, i told you that i will punish you. she says sir ji provoked mala for suicide after which he abducted mala to kill her. she suggests the knife. ronak comes there with mala. he says believing half truth is worse than lie, i’m able to tell the entire reality. facebook indicates ronak going to sir j and asking the truth of mala. he says you said you’ve got sold the brothel, what is all this. sir ji says mala became a woman from brothel, she desired to begin a new lifestyles, her uncle and aunt wanted to promote her, i got her here, if i promote this brothel, then the girls can be sold somewhere else, who will assist them.

ronak asks him to get mala’s circle of relatives, else the case can be filed against him. sir ji goes to mala. mala threatens of committing suicide. sir ji comes there and asks for a way tons did you sell her. her uncle and aunt run away. mala says you didn’t guide me, none will help me. sir ji takes the knife from her hand. he says i saved you, don’t do that. muskaan comes and sees them. facebook ends. ronak asks muskaan to loose sir ji. muskaan leaves sir ji. she says ronak ji, you are becoming him freed nowadays, don’t forget about that his evil sins gets washed off by using his one precise paintings, i can get him punished. sir ji says mala’s uncle and aunt have been seeking to sell her, you can arrest them. jahaan arrests them. ronak asks sir ji to come back. sir ji smiles seeing muskaan. she cries.

Precap: ronak sees jahaan and muskaan guffawing and speakme. he gets indignant. sir ji smiles and thinks i can make you and muskaan away, you gained’t be capable of do anything.


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