Muskaan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Tabassum saying Sujata… Sujata is shot. Muskaan and Ronak get bowled over. Sujata says punish Sir ji and does. The ladies come there in white garments and get angry. Tabassum says they are brothel ladies. fb indicates Sujata pronouncing I gained’t permit Sir ji and Tabassum be successful. The girls say we will no longer permit you to open the brothel again. Sir ji shoots on the woman. She falls down. He counts and shoots greater ladies. Gayatri, Ronak and Muskaan get taken aback. Gayatri pushes the goons and goes to Ronak. Ronak asks are you high-quality. Sir ji pulls the trigger to shoot them. The bullet gets over. Sir ji throws the gun away. Ronak choices the fire torch. Sir ji shouts no Ronak.

Ronak burns the money. Sir ji cries. He runs away from there. The girls capture Tabassum. Tabassum shouts go away me. Ronak appears on.

The women push Tabassum inside the fire. Tabassum receives burnt. Muskaan gets shocked. Ronak says Sir ji has run away. Muskaan says its great, how lengthy will he run from his quit. Gayatri thanks the girls for their brave try. The lady says we need to thanks all. Muskaan says you all risked lives to save us, I experience bad for Sujata and other ladies. The ambulance comes to take the women.
Minister gets Ronak’s video call. Ronak says ask DIG to pop out and display his face. He says I m doing the paintings that you must have performed, I asked you to arrest Sir ji, you didn’t pay attention to me, see what came about, I needed to burn his black cash, you continue to have time, listen to me, else i will see you, ask your police pressure to discover Sir ji. DIG says fine, i’m able to issue shoot at sight order for Sir ji. Ronak says no, i will end Sir ji myself.

Sir ji hides his face and springs to satisfy Maalik. Maalik says I knew you may in reality come. Sir ji asks him to say about the deal, he is ready, he desires money in return. Maalik asks him to chill out. He asks Sir ji to look the information. Sir ji sees the information. he is tagged a desired criminal. He says there may be a reward to your head, tell me shall I come up with to police. Sir ji says no, don’t do this. Maalik says i’m able to’t see you want this, you appeared scared and weak, I pity you. Sir ji says don’t pity me, call police in case you need, bear in mind what you want, i have it, just i can give it to you, if i get arrested, then you may get not anything. Maalik says I want Muskaan at any fee, but i have a circumstance. Sir ji asks what. Maalik says she has to come to me with the aid of her want. Sir ji says exceptional, she will be able to come to you, I want five crores. They join palms and attach the deal.

every body comes to take a seat in the puja. lovely cries for Dipendar. She sees Muskaan and takes her away. She says let Dipendar’s soul get peace, Muskaan received’t sit inside the havan. Sir ji hides his face and is going to PCO to make a call. He calls Bua and says its me. Bua is going aside. She says police is outside the residence, don’t name me, Shanti puja is going on. He asks her to pay attention as soon as. The PCO proprietor sees the breaking information. He sees Sir ji and calls police. He catches Sir ji and says i can get massive reward by way of supplying you with to police. Police comes.

Sir ji pushes the person and runs away. Ronak says you think Muskaan is accountable, however Sir ji is at the back of this. Sir ji hides in the back of the car. Police doesn’t see him. Ronak says you have got visible Sir ji’s crimes. cute says I misplaced my husband, Muskaan is the killer. Sir ji enters a few save. He sees all kinds of costumes and props there. the person asks what. Muskaan says i will pass, you all do the puja. Ronak says wait. Muskaan says no, be right here please. He says i can additionally leave with you. They move. Sir ji comes domestic in a Sadhu baba’s hide. He begins acting. He says i’ve come here to do Shanti puja, I recognise there are troubles on this house. Bua asks him to do the puja. They need his blessings. Gayatri says sorry, you could are available in. Inspector says wait, we need to test you first.

Precap: Sir ji asks Muskaan whom does he love the most. Muskaan screams. She says I m coming to you by using my wish. Sir ji faints Muskaan and sends her inside the car. Ronak passes with the aid of on a motorbike and doesn’t see her.


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