Muskaan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ronak asks what are you saying. Sir ji arrives at home and keeps running inside. The woman says my significant other got a request to make expensive floor covering, he conveyed it to Sir ji, he was terrified when he returned, Sir ji consumed our shop before he could state anything, he just took Sir ji’s name before kicking the bucket. She cries. Ronak says pardon us, we lament for that, do you recollect about that cover. The woman says truly, I recall it was dark colored shading one.

Ronak says I lament for this, I can’t get him back, I m sorry for your misfortune. Ronak and Muskaan attempt to think what is far from anyone’s regular field of vision, what mystery is covered up there. Sir ji expels the huge rug. He sees a vault entryway. He gets inside the mystery vault. He heads inside. Somebody pursues Ronak and Muskaan. The man calls and says they became more acquainted with. Sir ji runs and puts all the crates in the van. He leaves. Ronak and Muskaan get back home and see the mystery vault. Ronak says rich individuals make such vaults to shroud dark cash. Muskaan says it implies Sir ji’s cash was here. Ronak says indeed, before he gets ground-breaking and gets them, we need to consume the cash, we have no time, come. They leave.

Muskaan says we can’t give Sir ji a chance to get spared. Ronak and Muskaan leave. They pursue Sir ji. Sir ji arrives at his place and demonstrates the cash to Tabassum. He says cash is Lord, anybody can be purchased there. Ronak and Muskaan come there. Ronak says I have come and now I will consume your dark cash. He gets a firetorch and grins. Sir ji asks him not to consume it. Ronak grins. Tabassum asks Ronak to see here once. The goons get Gayatri at gunpoint.

Ronak and Muskaan get stunned. Sir ji grins and says incredible, Tabassum you demonstrated your faithfulness today, how could you do this. Tabassum grins. She says I had sent my men after Ronak and Muskaan, when they said they became acquainted with reality, I got their mum here as their shortcoming. FB indicates goons capturing Gayatri. Sir ji says extraordinary, Ronak demonstrate it that your mum issues to you, you are doing this for Muskaan, I will end this game today. Gayatri says leave him if you don’t mind slaughter me on the off chance that you need. Sir ji says Muskaan is the base of the considerable number of issues, I will murder Ronak first. He focuses the firearm. Muskaan comes in the middle of and says you need to execute me first, shoot me on the off chance that you dare. Sir ji says I ought to satisfy your last wish, fine. Ronak asks Muskaan to leave. Sir ji shoots. Gayatri and Tabassum get stunned.

Precap: Ronak and Muskaan battle Sir ji. Sir ji’s end is appeared.


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