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Muskaan asking Sujoy no longer to harm Ronak. Sujoy asks what are you pronouncing. Muskaan says don’t punish him for the error he didn’t do. He asks her to come back alongside. She says i can go with Ronak, no longer you. He gets stunned. He asks her no longer to get scared of Ronak. Ronak receives up. Muskaan says i will go along with Ronak. Sujoy says Ronak has snatched your mum. Muskaan says let me satisfy my promise to Mumma. He asks what promise. Ronak says you could beat me, but pay attention to me, if Muskaan and Aarti subjects to you, I haven’t achieved this, my satan dad has finished all this, he had kidnapped them, I didn’t know anything. He tells him the whole thing how Aarti messaged him for the assist. Sujoy says you can’t do this with me. Muskaan says I ought to fulfil my promise given to Mumma. Sujoy says I don’t accept as true with this, Aarti desired us to marry, how are you going to forget all this, Aarti blessed me and asked me to take care of you, i will deal with you, you don’t need to go with Ronak.

Muskaan says I promised Mumma and I’m able to satisfy it. Sujoy breaks down. He begs her not to leave him. She says I need to maintain my promise. He says you informed me that you will be with me, don’t leave me on my own. Ronak holds Muskaan’s hand and takes her. Sujoy leaves her hand and cries.

Sir ji cries that he lost Ronak all the time. He says I’m able to inform fact to Gayatri and be given any punishment. Gayatri and absolutely everyone waits for Ronak. Rajni feels dizzy. Kajal asks what’s occurring. Rajni cries and needs Kajal remains happy. Sir ji comes domestic and sees anyone. Gayatri asks him in which did you pass, in which is Ronak. She says mahurat handed, pandit and visitors left, but Ronak didn’t come, wherein is he, just inform me, he is in some hassle. He says i have….. They see Ronak coming home with Muskaan. They get taken aback. Sujoy goes domestic. Suzaine asks are you exceptional, where are Aarti and Muskaan. Sujoy says i have failed to get them. Rakhi smiles. Sujoy says the entirety got completed. Suzaine asks what are you pronouncing. He says Muskaan has left with Ronak. Rakhi receives bowled over. She asks what are you saying. Sir ji thinks to thank God Ronak is high-quality, if Ronak didn’t come, i might have advised truth to Gayatri, I’m able to take care of the whole thing now.

Gayatri asks Ronak no longer to come back in advance. She scolds Muskaan. She asks why did you get Muskaan, you didn’t consider Kajal, you promised me you will now not smash my notion. each person asks Ronak why did he maintain Muskaan’s hand. Kajal confronts Ronak. She scolds him. everybody appears on. Kajal cries. Sujoy says Aarti gave Muskaan’s hand to Ronak and went for all time. Suzanne and Jaya ask in which did she cross. He says Aarti has left all of us and this global. They get bowled over. Sujoy says someone has ignited such fire that Aarti had died. They cry for Aarti. Sujoy says Muskaan went with Ronak. Rakhi thinks does Sujoy recognize my fact.

Rajni asks Gayatri what’s going to happen of my Kajal. Gayatri asks Ronak to throw out Muskaan from the house and marry Kajal. Ronak seems at Sir Ji. Gayatri shouts make this girl out. Ronak goes to Sir Ji. He says you may get your answers from Sir Ji. He confronts Sir Ji. He says Sir Ji has snatched Muskaan’s mum from her, I used to be coming for marrying Kajal when this occurred. He asks Sir Ji to tell them how he burnt Aarti to dying. every person gets taken aback. Ronak says I’ve done many mistakes, but I got Muskaan right here to rectify my mistake, I desired to move on, I didn’t understand Sir ji has held my beyond and wanted to burn it with his hatred. He says Sir ji simply wears white clothes, his heart is black and his hands are stained with blood. Gayatri cries.

Precap:- Ronak says I will do what you say, will you help your husband or son. Gayatri says I will choose my husband. Ronak asks Muskaan to come back. They leave.

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