Muskaan 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Muskaan threatening to hurt herself. She says get back, I will go and save Deepa. Ronak says don’t go, listen. She runs out. Ronak makes Kuldeep wall down. He asks Kuldeep to get up. Kuldeep asks him to catch Muskaan. Ronak says fine, tell Maalik that Muskaan is running towards Devinand village. Muskaan stops the men. Ronak asks the men to move back. He says this is not right. He signs her to punch him. She punches him. He falls over the men. She leaves in the car.

Maalik comes. Ronak says Muskaan has run away, she said she is going to save Deepa, Hanumant called me and said Deepa is in Hukum’s clutches. Postman gives the envelop. Nekchand says it would be a photo, what to do it if now, shall I put garland on it. Hukum says this girl will die. He asks Deepa’s dad to take the sword and kill her. They cry. Muskaan comes there and gets shocked. She shouts stop. She asks Deepa’s dad why did he give her birth if he had to take her life. Deepa’s dad cries. Hukum says I will do this now, if you can’t do, I will punish Deepa for her crimes.

Hukum asks her to move away. He pushes Muskaan. He goes to kill Deepa with the sword. Ronak comes and holds the sword. Muskaan looks on. Maalik and his village men come. Ronak says keep the guns down. The men lower the guns. Ronak throws Hukum’s sword. Ronak asks Hukum to end all this right away.

Hukum says I got insulted because of this girl, I will kill her. Muskaan says its injustice, Inder and Deepa are adults, they have a right to decide for their life. Hukum says I won’t let the situation spoil because of this girl. Panchayat sarpanch agrees. Ronak says Maalik, just you can stop this, if anything happens to Deepa, it will be bad, please end this. Maalik says its Devinand village matter, I won’t interfere, same punishment would be given to the girl of my village if she did this, I just came to take Muskaan. Ronak stops Hukum and says Deepa is your family respect, its my duty to save her. Muskaan says Maalik, I request you, please accept Deepa, keep your hand over her head, if you accept her and become her shield, then no one will touch her. She cries.

Maalik says Devinand people are right, but now I accept Deepa as my house bahu, she is my house respect, I won’t tolerate anyone raising hand on her. Deepa runs to her parents. Hukum throws the sword and says fine. Maalik sees Muskaan. Hukum says you saved this girl, but this matter won’t end. Muskaan asks why, if any girl loves someone and marries, why do you get angry, why do you get revengeful. Ronak stops her. She says no one knows to respect women in this village, women are tortured, why is a woman punished here, tell me.

Hukum says if you worry for her, then take her punishment on your head, I promise I will not do anything again, Deepa won’t be troubled, am I right. Maalik looks on. Nekchand gets the envelop. It falls down. Muskaan says fine, I m ready, give me punishment. Ronak says don’t dare to come towards her. Hukum says we will not cut this girl, she is precious gem, we will punish her that her ego breaks down, Kaalik punishment. Maalik gets shocked.

Deepa runs to Muskaan. Maalik shouts Hukum, stay in your limits. The man says we agree with Hukum, this girl should get Kaalik punishment, the enmity got increased because of this girl. Ronak asks Deepa what is Kaalik. Deepa says its a slap of insult on a woman, all the men get Kaalik from their house, they gather at the crossroad, they make the girl stand there, they all throw Kaalik at her. Ronak and Muskaan get shocked.

Deepa says its a stain on a girl, but no girl went through this, when any girl got this punishment, her marriage couldn’t happen, she gave her life before this. Hukum says you are proud of your fair complexion, the village people will apply Kaalik/black color on your face tomorrow. Muskaan says I accept this, get as much Kaalik as you want, it will be first time that Kaalik punishment will be given. Hukum says amazing, your name will be written as the first girl to get Kaalik. Ronak worries. Ronak, Muskaan, Maalik and Deepa come home. Inder says Deepa… Amma asks Maalik what price did you pay for her that you got her back. Maalik says a big price, Kaalik punishment is given to Muskaan. They get shocked. Amma asks what did this happen. Maalik says you all go to your rooms.

They all go. Muskaan asks Ronak to come with her. He says anyone can see us. She says there is no one. She takes him to kitchen and washes his hand wound. She cries. Ronak sees her and cries. Mera haq hai….plays….

Precap: Amma says Muskaan will get Kaalik punishment, she won’t come home. Muskaan asks where will I come. Amma says you won’t come here. Maalik asks Ronak to give the pic. Ronak gives the pic to Maalik.


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