Muskaan 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Muskaan coming to satisfy Vikram. She finds him working hard for the orphanage girls. She praises him. She says all people is first-rate, Dolly is also fine, I m still combating Sir ji, I m by myself now, Ronak isn’t helping me, are you able to help me by means of giving evidence against Sir ji. He says the evidence we were given within the raid had been weak. She says you may use that evidence and get greater evidences. He says excellent, i’m able to try to discover. Ronak calls her and asks her to return to the temple. She says no, you hurt my coronary heart, I need a while. Ronak says she is dissatisfied, my heart says she will be able to come. Hanumant says I experience what you feel, she will come in case you experience so. Ronak says i will convince Muskaan.

Vikram indicates the documents and says you could’t get Sir ji arrested with the aid of the use of those documents. She asks what’s going to we do now. He says officer Vikas will help us. Vikas says we got data in opposition to Sir ji, if we discover evidence, we are able to hotel FIR against him. She says perform the raid and find solid proof against him. Vikram says we should be patient, Sir ji will exchange the plan completely. Sir ji and his own family are at the temple. Vikram is going to take assist from the police. Vikas says police will assist us, we spoke to them. Muskaan comes inside the puja and sits with Ronak. She prays and thinks i will get Ronak freed today, then our distance will stop. Vikram catches a person and asks whose money is that this. the man says its Sir ji’s black money, he requested me to hide it here. He receives arrested.

Inspector says we will arrest Sir ji on the basis of this man’s announcement. Pandit asks Gayatri to location the idol. Gayatri asks Muskaan to vicinity the idol. Bua opposes her. Gayatri asks her now not to insult Mata Rani. Ronak and Muskaan do the aarti together. Sir ji prays that Ronak is constantly harassed with the aid of his favors and guard him. Bua prays that Ronak’s truth got here out, Sir ji need to supply property to Bunty. Muskaan prays to get Sir ji punished. Muskaan gets a call and is going. Vikram says we were given the proof, we’re coming, be prepared. Ronak and Muskaan carry out Bengali Aarti dance. Police reaches there. Ronak says I knew you’ll come right here, i have to inform you something. Vikram walks in with the police. Inspector says we’ve arrest warrant in opposition to Sir ji.

Ronak asks why, on whose pronouncing did you file the FIR. Inspector indicates the person, who gave assertion against Sir ji. Muskaan says this time we have the proof, officials arrest Sir ji. Ronak stops Vikram. Vikram says he ruined my lives and framed me, i can arrest him. Ronak pushes Vikram and gets indignant. He slaps Vikas. Inspector asks him to forestall it. Ronak threatens the person. Sir ji takes help from his contacts. Inspector gets a call. the person says its my money, they forced me to say its Sir ji’s cash. Muskaan and Vikram get greatly surprised. Ronak asks Muskaan to peer the fact. He tears the warrant. he’s taking the handcuff from police. Vikram signs no to Muskaan. He leaves with the officials. Ronak throws the handcuffs. Muskaan goes and swears to get Sir ji arrested to get justice for the girls whom Sir ji has tortured.

Precap: Ronak swears and tells Muskaan that he’s also born in a brothel. He swears to save Sir ji.


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