Muskaan 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Amma stopping Maalik. He says leave my hand. She says I won’t let you do this mistake in Mata Darbar. He says let Mahabharat happen, I m not scared. She says don’t do this sin, its Navratri today, don’t insult Devimaa, my family shouldn’t bear the wrath, calm down your anger for just 9 days, once Navratri ends, do anything, no one can stop you, I swear on you. Maalik says no one can stop me now, I will take revenge for the cheat. Ronak comes and shouts to stop him.

Ronak gets Inder at knife point. He asks Maalik to stop. He says if you touch Muskaan, I will cut your hand. Maalik says catch him. Ronak asks them to get back. He asks Muskaan to come to him, none will do anything. Amma asks Maalik to save Inder. Muskaan runs to Ronak. Ronak sees her crying and cries. Maalik

says you know its not easy to get saved, you have time till Raavan daahan then I will ruin Muskaan’s respect and sacrifice your life, its my promise. Ronak says shut up, you just heard Ronak’s name, the day you see Ronak Leela, you will be gone, I will burn your Lanka and take Muskaan home with due respect.
Amma begs him to leave Inder. Ronak says shut up, Inder will be with us until we end Maalik’s evil. Ronak pushes Inder and runs with Muskaan. Maalik says catch them and get them to me. He calls someone. Ronak says Muskaan we have to go by walk now, the car can’t go ahead. Ronak and Muskaan run ahead. They see police and goons outside Saaho’s house. Ronak says I know, Maalik has sent goons, come fast, we shall leave from the village. She gets hurt. The goons try to find them. Ronak and Muskaan hide. He asks are you fine. She cries and says I just you to be with me. He says we will go out of here. She asks do you really think so. He says don’t lose faith on me. She says I m living on this hope and hugs him.

They make each other wear the heart lockets. He says I know its tough to go out, but I won’t lose. He wipes her tears and hugs. Someone comes and holds her. They see a lady. The lady says don’t make noise, come with me. She takes them home. She says you both came in this village as a new hope, I came here as a new bride, the villagers asked my husband to give me to them, when my husband and I refused, they all killed my husband. She cries and says they made my state worse, if you both get caught by Maalik, he will do the same with you, the village women will have worse situation. Muskaan asks how will we go out of here now, there is no way.

Maalik and Hukum come to meet Saaho. She says you both together here, what’s the matter. Maalik says the village women don’t want to fight for sarpanch post, give us a chance to contest. Ronak and Muskaan come there in disguise. Ronak says stop for a min. Maalik and Hukum get shocked. Ronak says a woman wants to stand in the elections. Saaho says who is she. Muskaan lifts the veil. She says its me, I want to stand in the elections, I have a request, fill my full name in the form. Saaho asks her to write details, what’s your full name. Muskaan sees Ronak. She says Mrs. Muskaan Ronak Singh. She fills the form. Saaho says we have kept an election campaign in pandal, come there and talk to villagers. Ronak asks is there any other woman contesting. Saaho says no, there is no other candidate. Ronak says it means a woman is going to become Sarpanch for the first time in this village. Maalik says don’t get excited, there is a candidate against Muskaan. Hukum asks who. Maalik says Kamlesh Singh. Hukum says its right, she has a relation with Devinand also. Saaho says then get her here and bring her to the pandal.

Nekchand comes. Muskaan says I have a request, we were worried for our security, get us police protection. Nekchand says I arranged two constables. He calls some old constables. Saaho says they themselves need security. Nekchand says the staff is busy in elections. Ronak thinks these constables look Maalik’s men, we have to get saved.

Precap: Ronak and Muskaan get surrounded by the police and goons. The man says we caught Ronak and Muskaan. Maalik smiles.


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