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Gayatri slapping Ronak. She says I don’t want to hear a phrase towards Sir ji. She scolds Ronak for falsely blaming his dad and her upbringing. Bua also scolds Ronak. Gayatri defends Sir ji. Sir ji thinks Ronak’s flow fell flat, my circle of relatives is here to assist me. He says allow or not it’s Gayatri, let Ronak blame me. She says never, i will no longer tolerate Ronak’s blames on you. She asks him to apologize to Sir ji and throw out Muskaan. Ronak refuses to express regret to him. He says approximately this female, who are raised in dust, you appeared her as your daughter before, she lost her mum due to Sir ji today, Aarti made me promise that i will usually shield Muskaan, I promised Muskaan that i’m able to shop Aarti from hearth, however I failed, i can not smash my promise to Aarti, you need to decide whom will you believe, whom will you select now.

Jaya asks Sujoy to return together with her, she will be able to contend with him. Sujoy says i have raised among huge problems, i can take care of this by myself. Rakhi says your mum is right here, i’m able to constantly assist you. Jaya, Suzaine and Shalu depart. Rakhi thinks to preserve Muskaan far from Sujoy. Gayatri scolds Muskaan for breaking their relations. She says pity me and just goes away, don’t come between us, leave from here, even if you misplaced your mum, you’ve got massive sorrow, but you couldn’t grasp my son. Ronak says i have constantly obeyed you, i can obey you, you have to determine, whom will you guide, your evil husband or sour-tongued son. Gayatri says i’m able to select my husband. Ronak says you don’t know he’s dishonest you, any approaches when you have chosen him, i’m able to now not say something in opposition to him, simply stay glad. He goes to take her blessing. She movements lower back. he is taking Muskaan with him. He leaves.

Rajni says he broke your trust and went again, he broke your promise, what is going to occur of Kajal now. She cries. Kajal says I m no longer so weak, i’ve understood this, simply move from here, i’ve generic Gayatri and this family, I decided to live with Gayatri. Her dad asks her not to punish herself and come with him. Sir ji says Ronak did the mistake, he might be punished, Kajal is our daughter now, Kajal and Ronak will unite, its my promise, Kajal will live right here. Gayatri blesses Kajal and goes. Kajal cries and says everything was going suitable, why did this occur. She misses Ronak. She receives revengeful and says i will do anything to win my love. Sujoy thinks of Muskaan and cries. Rakhi involves him and asks how long will he cry. He goes. He receives a call. He asks why did you name me. Sir ji says I idea this problem will end, but the whole thing went wrong, I have to get Ronak domestic somehow. He receives a call from Rakhi. Rakhi says our plan failed, Muskaan got stored.

Sir ji says Ronak and Muskaan can’t harm me, you observed what’s going to Sujoy do if he learns the reality. She says I should take Sujoy away, I want your permission. He says take him, I m worried to convey Ronak domestic, you take your son anywhere you want. Sujoy comes to meet Ronak and Muskaan. He sees them keeping hands. He asks what passed off, you didn’t get any area to live, they didn’t accept you, where will you move now. Ronak says we are able to find some region. Sujoy says its late, the day becomes terrible for us, you haven’t any courage to undergo something, I m nonetheless Muskaan’s buddy, come domestically with me, stay there at night time, determine what to do and in which to go inside the morning. He asks Ronak to return. He gets them domestic. Rakhi says we received’t live here, we shall depart from right here. Rakhi gets greatly surprised seeing Muskaan and Ronak. Muskaan says you ruined the whole lot and you’re pronouncing this.

Precap:- Sujoy says Ronak, you stored Muskaan, Aarti asked you for this promise, how are you going to positioned Muskaan in dilemma, go back me my Muskaan. Ronak receives bowled over

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