Muskaan 20th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Deepa coming to take medicines. Muskaan says take it for Inder. Deepa asks Ronak to give his hand. He says let it be, its okay. She says please, let me do the aid. Deepa says please let me do this, Inder was cheating me, I have got my lost belief seeing you, if you permit, I want to make you my brother. Ronak says its my good luck, that you regard me your brother, you have to listen to me, don’t cry. He hugs her. She asks him to save Muskaan from Kaalik, he can do anything, he can stop this destruction. They hear Amma calling out Maalik. Nekchand says Maalik called us, come fast. Hanumant takes his diary. Constable says give this envelope to Nekchand. Hanumant doesn’t see the pic. They leave.

Amma asks Deepa to go. She shows Muskaan’s clothes. She says its charity from my side to her, she came empty handed here, when she gets Kaalik punishment, she won’t come home. Muskaan asks where will I go. Amma says you should have thought of this before. She scolds Muskaan. Maalik goes to Nekchand. He pays him money and says distribute this wine and money in the village, no one should be left to apply Kaalik to Muskaan. Chamki and Deepa cry for Muskaan. Muskaan asks them to face everything boldly. They say we will come with you. Ronak picks the pic and gives it to Maalik. Nekchand says give it to me, its useless now. Maalik goes. Nekchand says give this to Muskaan after Kaalik, she can cry. Ronak says ask Nekchand to get Collector Saahu on time, we will give her any price, just Saahu can stop the Kaalik, matter is serious. Hanumant says trust me, nothing will go wrong.

Muskaan gets ready in white clothes. Maalik asks where are Kuldeep and Inder. Amma says they went to temple, I m thinking to do Deepa’s grahpravesh. Hanumant gets Ronak’s call. He says don’t worry, Nekchand and I are going to get Mrs. Saahu. Nekchand tells Maalik that he has distributed the wine, now no one will put Kaalik on Muskaan. Maalik says Lakhan, I have tried to save Muskaan, if she gets punished, then villagers will throw her out, you follow her and get her to godown, else Hukum and men will attack her, I m giving you this responsibility, I will hide her at godown. Chamki cries. Ronak signs her. Muskaan meets Chamki and goes. The constable gets the envelope for Muskaan. He gives it to Amma and says this has Muskaan’s husband’s pic. Amma says no use of this pic now. She throws the pic.

She says Muskaan won’t come back now. Maalik and Ronak get shocked seeing the men ready to throw Kaalik at Muskaan. Sarpanch asks Muskaan to lift the ghunghat. Ronak calls Hanumant. He asks him to get Saahu. Hanumant says Nekchand met her alone, she went out of village, now she can’t come to save Muskaan, Nekchand is taking me with him. Ronak worries. Hukum says this Kaalik punishment is incomplete without me. Ronak thinks Hukum planned to send Saahu away. He gets money crates. He asks Maalik to take back his wine and money. Muskaan cries and recalls the past. Hukum goes to her. He says I will lift your ghunghat. Ronak gets angry. Muskaan holds Hukum’s hand and scolds him. She pushes him away and lifts her ghunghat.

Precap: Hukum and all the men take Kaalik to throw at Muskaan. Hukum throws Kaalik and gets shocked.


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