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Muskaan scolding Rakhi for snatching her mum. Sujoy asks become Rakhi involved in this. Muskaan says sure, she has snatched my mum. Sujoy says you wanted to take me away so that your misdeed remains hidden. He scolds her and catches her neck. Rakhi apologizes to him. Ronak stops Sujoy. He says Aarti won’t come back if you kill Rakhi, go away her. He gives water to Muskaan. Sujoy takes Rakhi aside. He says go back me my Muskaan. Ronak receives greatly surprised. facebook indicates Sujoy getting Kajal’s name. She says I recognise you’ll be shattered, better assist me if you need Muskaan, I want to get Ronak again, Ronak and Muskaan had to exit, you meet them and try to take them home, you provide an explanation for Ronak that his one wrong pass will break our lives. He is of the same opinion. fb ends.

Sujoy explains Ronak that Aarti might have taken the equal promise from him if he entered fire to save Muskaan. He asks Ronak to think of Kajal and his own family. Muskaan says I want to be with Ronak. Sujoy asks Ronak to provide an explanation for Muskaan that their selection can smash many lives. Ronak says I realize my mum could be crying in temple, forgive me, I m helpless, we can pass inside the morning. he takes Muskaan with him.

Sir ji apologizes to Kajal. She asks him now not to express regret or thank, she is here along with her will, she needs Ronak returned. He says I promise i will get Ronak again to you. He blesses her. She cries. Sir ji talks to attorney and gets the documents. Sujoy calls Kajal and says they each refused to me, they don’t see our sacrifices and love, they’re simply seeing Aarti’s promise. Kajal says then there’s just one manner, i’m able to force them now, we have no other manner, Sir ji can help us in this. He asks what. Gayatri cries and prays. Sir ji worries for her health. Sujoy calls Sir ji. He says i have known as you for the sake of my love, you want your son, I need Muskaan, I m helpless to join arms with you. Sir ji asks what’s your plan. Sujoy asks him to send his men and kidnap Ronak and Muskaan, get Ronak with you, i will take Muskaan with you, I want your help, then we will cross our ways. Sir ji says best, till my men come, nothing must appear to my son, this could be executed. Kajal hears Sir ji. Sir ji calls his guys and ask them to kidnap Ronak and Muskaan. He shouts. He asks his men to shoot

Sujoy and Muskaan when they depart from there. He says not anything should occur to my son, quit Sujoy and Muskaan’s bankruptcy for all time. Goons reach Sujoy’s house and kidnap Muskaan and Ronak. Ronak shouts to get unfastened. Ronak and Muskaan are added to a few creation web site. Ronak asks who’re you. He threatens the goons. He asks them to go away Muskaan. Sir ji comes there and says I won’t have any enmity with my personal son. Ronak and Muskaan get taken aback. Ronak turns away and argues with him. Ronak says if something occurs to Muskaan, I gained’t depart you.

Sir ji says this time, I m doing this on someone’s pronouncing. Ronak smiles and asks what, considering that while are you strolling on someone’s sign. Sir ji says it takes place, someone told me that he needs Muskaan, so I got here to help him and take my Ronak. Ronak asks who’s he. Sir ji says what’s there to hide. He calls Sujoy and asks him to take Muskaan. Muskaan receives greatly surprised seeing Sujoy. Sujoy says sorry, I had no other way. She asks what’s all this, how can you cheat, I m already damaged, you’ve got damaged me more. Sujoy says no, you’re breaking a lovely relation among us, I recognise if this didn’t take place, you would have now not completed this with me, I don’t take care of this, i will make the whole thing right, you may thank me for this, i can do some thing for you. Muskaan says this isn’t right. He says you’ll not recognize this, you are in surprise of losing Aarti, I don’t need you to lose a person else. She says you have taken wrong step, I have to preserve my promise to my mum. Ronak says I had additionally promised Aarti, i can never depart Muskaan.

Precap:- Sujoy takes Muskaan and says i can kill you . Sir ji says i’ve made robust plan. Sujoy gets shot. Ronak stops Muskaan. Sujoy falls down the building


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