Muskaan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode starts with Sujoy announcing we can’t stay without every different, come with me Muskaan. Ronak asks him to depart her. He says i’m able to kill you two earlier than leaving. He points gun at Sir ji and says you have got snatched lots from me, i’m able to take hold of your breath. He scolds Ronak and Sir ji. Muskaan says no Sujoy. Sir ji says i love your mindset, your plan wasn’t so bad, but its vulnerable, I had made a more potent plan, you and Muskaan could be loss of life now. He asks his men to shoot them. Sujoy gets shot. Ronak holds Muskaan. They get bowled over. Sujoy recalls his moments with Muskaan. He falls down the constructing. Muskaan runs to stop him. Ronak holds her hand. Sujoy dies. Sir ji pursuits at Muskaan and says i’m able to smile whilst you die. He shoots. Ronak saves Muskaan. he is taking a gun from the goon. He factors the gun at Sir ji.

He says I forgot you’re my dad. Sir ji says you are prepared to kill your dad for this dancer, come on shoot me. Gayatri and Kajal come there. Gayatri shouts stop. They get taken aback.
Sir ji says Gayatri knows my reality nicely, you are in opposition to our circle of relatives proper now. Gayatri sees Muskaan. She scolds Muskaan. She asks Ronak no longer to do that. She begs Ronak to position the gun down and are available domestic. Ronak says sorry, Muskaan will include me. Gayatri says i’m able to take you in conjunction with this lady, come. Sir ji receives greatly surprised. Kajal remembers informing Gayatri and asking her to get Ronak and Muskaan home. She makes this plan to split Ronak and Muskaan. She says Muskaan can ruin Ronak and Sir ji with the aid of her video games, we have to pass and make everything high-quality. facebook ends.

Gayatri emotionally blackmails Ronak. Sir ji says anger and hatred made me blind for some time, you’ve got stopped me from doing a mistake. Ronak cries. Gayatri gets them domestic. Kajal name callings Ronak. Muskaan cries. Kajal does their arrangements in outhouse. She asks Ronak to tell her if he desires any help. Ronak goes to console Muskaan. Ronak thinks Kajal is robust, she will control herself, how shall i am getting Muskaan out of this, just ….. Sir ji says i have executed wrong with you, your heart is right, you forgive everybody, I want punishment from you. Gayatri forgives him. She says I m glad you both got here on time, Kajal gave me proper advice and took me there. He asks Kajal. She says yes, she told me that I need to get Ronak and Muskaan home and make Muskaan out of his heart. He thinks so this is the motive for purchasing them domestic. She is going.

He thinks Kajal is actually new bahu, i’m able to use her pass now, i will throw out Muskaan. Its morning, Muskaan wakes up. Gayatri is going to temple and receives shocked. She calls out absolutely everyone. Sir ji asks what took place. She suggests empty temple. Muskaan wakes up and sees the idol. She sits praying. Ronak looks on. Muskaan cries and hits her head. She faints down. Her soul is going to heaven and meets Aarti. She hugs Aarti and asks her to call her to heaven too. Aarti asks her to stay for herself now. She asks her to come to be robust in order that she fails anybody. Muskaan agrees. Aarti goes away. Muskaan receives up and sees the idol gone. She sees Sir ji with the idol.

Precap: Ronak apologizes to Kajal. He says please you move from right here. Kajal says I m your spouse, this marriage certificate suggests that I m your spouse. He gets taken aback.


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