Muskaan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan wondering what befell to Gayatri, that she changed a lot. She asks him to talk to mum and try to recognize what’s happening in her coronary heart. Ronak is going. Sir ji holds Gayatri. She gets scared. He asks what happened, what are you hiding from me, i will see the change. She thinks of Kajal’s phrases. He asks her to proportion this with him, we will find some manner. She says I were given busy in work all day. He asks her to take care, what did she think about Kajal, will Kajal live here or…. She says she will live here with us, who else does she have without us.

Ronak meets Hanumant. He says I don’t like Saas bahu fights, however Gayatri and Muskaan are like mum and daughter, Muskaan turned into a dancer, now she is not a dancer, I thought mum will agree and then i’m able to get Muskaan, however

Muskaan asked me to prevent it now. Hanumant asks him to maintain trying. Ronak beats him and says this came about because of you, sorry, you supply me courage, i can by no means depart trying, Muskaan is right, I need mum to look this goodness. Ronak comes home drunk. He sees Kajal and asks what are you doing here at night time.

Kajal says Dolly is loud night breathing and making noise, I didn’t get sleep, i was coming to you and mumma, we could make any other plan. Ronak says no. She says i have an concept, we are able to make Gayatri and Muskaan pleasant. He concurs and says we can do this secretly. She asks how will we try this. He says in the event that they do a big factor, perhaps they arrive collectively. She goes. He hears Gayatri crying and goes to see her within the temple. He says i really like you loads, lighten your heart by way of sharing matters with me, I experience like you’ve got a burden to your coronary heart, you’re worried for some massive remember, don’t inform me, tell Sir ji or circle of relatives. He goes. Gayatri thinks I want one hazard to inform Kajal’s truth to anyone. Ronak sees an ad in the paper and calls the NGO to assist them. the man says our NGO will deliver your % within the paper.

Ronak says I need my mum and wife to try this paintings, thank you. He asks Kajal how did she like the plan. She says excellent. Ronak says maybe this may end mum’s hatred. Kajal is going to Gayatri. the man receives the cloth. Ronak asks him to recall the caption of the %. Ronak takes Kajal with her. adorable scoffs Muskaan. Muskaan sits to sew the garments. Gayatri recalls Ronak’s phrases. She writes a message of the shirts that Kajal is appearing. Sir ji comes and indicates the little children to play with Kajal. Ronak tells him about each person working to assist NGO. Kajal goes with the youngsters. Sir ji asks Gayatri to come back. Gayatri asks Ronak to remember the shirts nicely. Ronak is going. Muskaan keeps more shirts. Sir ji introduces Mrs. Basu, major of a unique college. He says we can speak of Kajal’s admission within the college, so you get rest. Ronak says i like this, anything you are doing. Muskaan asks Ronak to head and assist them in Kajal’s formalities. Ronak goes to them muskaan counts the shirts. She sees Gayatri’s message.

Precap: Kajal makes a plan to get Muskaan killed by way of Gayatri. Gayatri shoots Muskaan. Ronak shouts Muskaan.


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