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The Episode starts with Sarpanch and everyone telling Maalik that he would have not got insulted if he killed the Naagin before. Muskaan asks what’s our mistake that we are women, we give birth to children and raise them, you worship Devimaa and you are calling me a Naagin. Maalik shouts shut up. He holds her hand and takes her. Ronak looks on. Inder says Maalik has come, get up, if he sees this, he won’t leave you. Maalik and Muskaan come home. Amma and everyone get shocked.

Maalik shouts on everyone and asks them to go. Amma asks what’s all this, why did Muskaan come back. Maalik asks what is Deepa doing outside. Amma says she is doing a drama here. Maalik takes Deepa and Muskaan inside. Ronak comes. Muskaan says leave me. Maalik scolds them. The pic gets stuck on Maalik’s shoe. Maalik takes Muskaan upstairs. Kuldeep asks Ronak how did they get Kaalik on themselves. He says Maalik will beat Muskaan today. Maalik throws Muskaan and shuts the door.

He holds Muskaan and says you showed your truth, you are a bar dancer, I know your truth. He pushes her. The pic falls away. Maalik says you were acting Sati Savitri, you were playing a game and fooling me, you will get punished today, you get ready to bear the consequences. Ronak thinks even if my truth comes out and I lose life, I won’t let Maalik misbehave with Muskaan. Kuldeep asks him to stop. Maalik says I will cut your wings, I will show you how I crush you and break your ego, you will apologize to me and bend your head in front of me. Ronak comes and thinks I will break and open the door. Maalik opens the door. Ronak sees them. Muskaan signs Ronak.

Maalik moves him away and takes Muskaan. Ronak follows. Maalik says Muskaan, Chamki and Deepa, I have tolerated you all a lot, now I will make you all right, Muskaan liked to keep conditions, I will fulfill it now. Amma asks what will you do with them. Maalik says nothing, I will break their ego. He asks Inder what’s the time. Inder says 12. Maalik says its right time, Amma dump all the water, these girls will fill the water, get the pots and give them. Amma gets pots. She asks from where will they get the water. He says from Maharaj chowk well. Inder asks at this time? Maalik says yes, this is the right time.

Muskaan, Chamki and Deepa come to the well. Ronak and Maalik come. Ronak asks what’s happening here. Maalik says these girls should know that the man who stood as a shield, what can happen if he moves away. Muskaan says we will fill water and leave fast. She throws the bucket in the well. The wrestlers come. Maalik says they are unmarried men coming from Akhada to get a bath in the well, I will see how these girls get saved without me. Ronak thinks what to do, how to save them.

Deepa and Chamki get shocked seeing the men. Muskaan turns and gets shocked. She drops the water bucket. Ronak thinks I have to go and help them. Maalik says don’t do this mistake, you won’t help them, stand here silently. Ronak thinks how to save them, Maalik has gone mad in anger. He gets Gayatri’s call and disconnects. Muskaan dons Chamki’s ghunghat. Maalik says its first lesson, these girls understood now why ghunghat is necessary, they didn’t agree before and now they learnt it. Ronak thinks to stop Maalik some how. He disconnects Gayatri’s call again and thinks what’s the matter, she is calling me again. The man says feed us water. Muskaan says let us fill water and go. The man says feed us water, give us a bath, then go. Muskaan scolds them. She asks them to leave Chamki. Ronak says Maalik, stop them.

Maalik says stand quiet. The man asks Muskaan to free Chamki if she can, else give them a bath, else he won’t let her go. Deepa says we should listen to them. Deepa fills water. The man asks Muskaan to apply soap to his back. Muskaan says no way. The man catches Chamki’s neck. Chamki shouts for help. Ronak and Maalik look on. The man asks Muskaan not to waste time and apply the soap. Ronak gets angry. Muskaan takes the soap to apply on the man’s back. She closes eyes. Ronak cries. Muskaan throws the soap and cries. She says stop it now, let us go please. The man says how shall we let you go. Ronak thinks its too much now, I can’t tolerate now, even if Maalik takes my life, I will save Muskaan. Muskaan asks the men not to come close. She picks a bucket and hits on the man’s head. The man sees the blood and says I will show you now. He catches Muskaan. She says leave my hand. She bites his hand. Ronak goes. Muskaan falls inside the wall. Ronak shouts Muskaan. Maalik looks on.

Precap: Maalik beats Ronak and says tell me who are you. Ronak says the truth is I m Lakhan. Maalik says you are lying, if you were loyal to me, you would have not saved Muskaan, tell me what’s your relation with her.


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