Muskaan 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Ronak going to beat the wrestlers. Deepa and Chamki see Muskaan sinking. Ronak shouts Muskaan ji…. He drops the bucket rope for her. She holds the rope and tries to climb up. The man takes Ronak backwards. Ronak fights them again. Maalik looks on. Deepa shouts to Ronak. Muskaan falls back in the well. The goons catch Ronak again. Muskaan gets sinking. A man takes a rock to hit on Ronak’s head. Maalik comes forward and says stop. He asks them go leave. The men leave. Ronak gets Muskaan upwards. Muskaan and Ronak see each other. They come close to hug. Deepa and Chamki take her. Maalik looks at Ronak.

Bua asks did you see him anywhere. She shows Ronak’s pic. Bua says we are his family, we came to take him home. The man says I know, I will take you. Maalik beats tied-up Ronak. Amma asks Muskaan not to go out. Muskaan cries. Maalik asks what’s your truth. Ronak says I m Lakhan. Maalik says lie, you protect Muskaan always, why, what’s your relation with Muskaan.

Hukum asks who are you to Lakhan. Bua asks who is Lakhan. Hukum shows the pic and asks is he not Lakhan, who is he then. Bua says he is Ro…. Bunty says he is Rocky, he call him Rocky with love. He signs Bua. Muskaan says leave me, let me go. She bites Amma’s hand and runs to Ronak. Inder says stop here. She hears Ronak. She pushes Inder and runs to Ronak. Maalik says stop there.

He asks how did you come here. She says please spare Lakhan, he did this to save me, don’t punish him. Ronak asks her to go. Maalik catches her neck and says I told you, I don’t like cheat. Ronak gets angry. Chamki gets the pic. She gets shocked seeing Ronak and Muskaan. She says it means…. Kuldeep comes. She hides the pic. He asks her to understand, if she stays with Muskaan, Maalik won’t leave her. He says I promise I will save you from his anger if you agree. She says Kuldeep, actually….

Ronak says leave Muskaan, punish me. Maalik leaves Muskaan. Muskaan asks what cheat did I do. Maalik says you played that song for me that day, what was that. Muskaan and Ronak recall. Maalik says I felt you like me, it was wrong, truth is you were playing with my feelings. Ronak says maybe you are mistaken. Maalik shouts no, her husband is dead, there is no one here whom she sees with love. Ronak thinks Muskaan has done this for me, I can’t tell this, I have to clear his misunderstanding. Maalik says you didn’t do this right, I will show you your right place. Muskaan cries. Ronak thinks don’t tell our truth to him. He asks her to leave. She goes. Ronak says I have no relation with Muskaan, I was just protecting her, its not a mistake. Maalik says fine, now you save her if you can, I will give you a chance to save her. He frees Ronak.

He says I will teach her a lesson and bring you on your knees, stop it if you can. Chamki says you are lucky to get a life partner like Ronak, he always helps you, you both love each a lot right, I will pray that I also get someone like Ronak, who helps me and keeps me happy. Muskaan asks what are you saying.

She asks where is Ronak, you know what Maalik did with him. Chamki shows the pic. Muskaan gets shocked. Ronak comes and takes the pic. He gets shocked. He asks how did you get this pic. Chamki says I got this in Maalik’s room while cleaning. Muskaan says it means Maalik knows our truth. Ronak says no, Maalik doesn’t know, else he would have not left us alive, maybe he didn’t see this pic till now. He asks did you tell anyone about it. Chamki says no. He says don’t tell anyone about us. Chamki says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, you did a lot for me. She hugs Muskaan. She asks them to talk. She goes.

Muskaan hugs Ronak. He feels pain. She worries for him. She says I can’t tolerate your pain, I can’t see you like this. He says calm down, I promise, I will always safe you, I will tolerate all the sorrow, promise me you won’t lose courage, everyone is waiting for us to come out of this Lanka. They hug.

Precap: Maalik says you three will go to study in Vidhangarh college. He asks Ronak to go and save the girls. The guys trouble Muskaan. Ronak and Maalik look on.


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